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Member since: Sat Dec 19, 2015, 01:51 PM
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Surprisingly, I'm seeing some Bernie supporters dialing it way back today.

OK, maybe it isn't a surprise. We've seen people get dejected before in this campaign. New York is a tough loss though and all of the cautious Democrats who were seduced by the populist aspect of the Sanders campaign are now taking that deep breath and asking for that ol' party unity again.

I'm not sure where I am actually. I'd love it if Bernie just won out and got it by the popular vote but I'd take the nomination anyway we can get it at this point.

And losing the nomination and Bernie running as an indie? I honestly don't see it if the GOP gets solid on one guy. If Turnip runs as an indie though?... (He probably won't though because I STILL think he's a Clinton plant.)

What do you all say? This IS a discussion forum, right?

Legislation is languishing in committee that could make NY an open primary state.

I only found this late last night.
If you call your Senators this might make a difference. Maybe not this year but it couldn't hurt to try!


There is legislation languishing in committee before the NY Senate.

It may already be too late to get this passed before the primary but as long as we're on the phones anyway...couldn't hurt to ring up the Senators in NY and ask them to act on this.


Can I just say that Bernie is going to

Smoke Hilldawg like a cheap cigar in Brooklyn?
She is toast. Her campaign's agreement to that date and venue is evidence enough that she's not qualified to lead this country.
Goodbye ma'am.

Is there any way to check daily totals for Bernie's donations?

I wanted to see what today's total was.
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