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Bad Dog

Profile Information

Name: Duncan White
Gender: Male
Hometown: Southampton
Home country: England
Current location: Southampton
Member since: Mon Dec 21, 2015, 07:50 AM
Number of posts: 2,025

About Me

Writer of two novels, one published. Socialist.

Journal Archives

Footage of possible meteor in Scotland

Source: BBC

Footage has been recorded of what appears to be a meteor in the sky over Scotland.

Police received a large number of calls after a big, bright flash was seen.

People took to social media to report seeing a blue, white or green light, with some saying they also heard a rumbling sound.

Driving instructor Bill Addison, from Buckie in Moray, recorded what appeared to be a meteor shooting across the sky on his dashboard camera.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-35694170

Catholic priest Fr Stephen Crossan 'caught snorting cocaine in Nazi room'

From the BBC.

A Catholic priest caught on video snorting what appeared to be cocaine has taken leave from the priesthood.

Fr Stephen Crossan is reported to have sniffed coke through a 10 note on a night of drinking in July 2015 in Banbridge, County Down.

He was in a room with Nazi memorabilia and seemed to say "I shouldn't" as he snorted, the Sun on Sunday

The bishop of Dromore said in a statement that he had no knowledge of the incident.

It allegedly occurred in the parochial house last July after a party.

The Sun on Sunday said it happened at what was then Fr Crossan's parish home in the grounds of St Patrick's Church, Banbridge, in July 2015.

Father Crossan told the newspaper that he took the drugs but said: "It was just the one night and that was it."

A source said that a group ended up back with Fr Crossan after a party and found Nazi memorabilia including flags, hats and an eagle with a swastika on a plinth on his mantelpiece.

In his defence, Fr Crossan told the paper that he was no Nazi and that he collected historical items from every country.
He said he had been on sick leave with depression at the time of the video and said he had since left the Church but was being backed by the parish.

In his statement, Bishop of Dromore John McAreavey said that Fr Crossan had asked for and been granted leave from his pastoral duties at Seapatrick parish in May 2015. He said he had been receiving counselling and was considering his future.

At the start of February 2016, the statement said that the priest had asked for an extended leave of absence from the priesthood.

Bishop McAreavey said he was concerned for the priest's health.

Fr Crossan is no longer living at the parochial house.


Donald Trump's face appears in pie.

Iran votes in first key elections since nuclear deal

From the BBC
Millions of Iranians are voting in two key elections - the first since a deal with world powers over Iran's nuclear programme and the lifting of sanctions.

Voters are choosing a new parliament and Assembly of Experts, a clerical body that appoints the Supreme Leader.

Reformists are hoping to increase their influence in both institutions, which have been dominated by conservatives.

The outcome could affect reformist President Hassan Rouhani's chances of re-election in 2017.


'Holy Grail' Beatles record to be auctioned

From the BBC.

An extremely rare and valuable Beatles record that was found languishing in a loft is to be auctioned next month.

Described as "a Holy Grail item", the 10-inch pressing of Till There Was You and Hello Little Girl lay forgotten in the home of Les Maguire for decades.

Maguire, the keyboardist in fellow Liverpool act Gerry and the Pacemakers, said it could be seen as the record "that sparked The Beatles' success".

The acetate bears the handwriting of the Fab Four's manager Brian Epstein.

A conservative estimate is that the 78 RPM record - the first Beatles disc to be pressed before the band broke through into the national charts in late 1962 - will fetch upwards of 10,000 when it is auctioned, although it is such a rare item it is difficult to predict what the sale price will be.

The record - labelled as being the work of "Paul McCartney & The Beatles" - was pressed at the HMV store in Oxford Street, London, and presented to future Beatles producer George Martin at the EMI record label in a bid to secure the band a recording contract.

Maguire, 74, of Formby, Merseyside, was given the disc by Epstein in 1963 after it had been returned to him by Martin.


US election 2016: Lifelong Republicans turned off by Trump

From the BBC.

One of the many extraordinary things about this election is not how many people love Donald Trump, it's how many don't. And I don't just mean Democrats, or even Republican party grandees.

When asked about Mr Trump, a good number of ordinary, lifelong Republican voters express feelings that can only be described as loathing.

Having covered four US elections, I've never heard anything quite like it.

It's not just anecdotal, Trump's negative opinion ratings (the degree to which he is unpopular) are significantly higher than any of the other candidates (including Hillary Clinton) and higher than either Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008.

I thought it was worth finding out just why these Republicans are so opposed to their frontrunner.

What I heard in South Carolina was not so much disagreement with his policies but dislike of his temperament - asked to describe him they used words like, "egotistical", "bully", "narcissist", "bigot" and "racist".

The list went on. Some even said they couldn't use words that are polite enough for television.

The question for the Republican party now is whether Mr Trump, if he is the nominee, can win these people back.

If he can't, and if disaffected Republican voters stay home and don't vote, or worse, vote Democrat, as one of them told me he would, then it will be very hard for Trump to win the White House.


Bronze Age wheel at 'British Pompeii' Must Farm an 'unprecedented find'

From the BBC.

A complete Bronze Age wheel believed to be the largest and earliest of its kind found in the UK has been unearthed.

The 3,000-year-old artefact was found at a site dubbed "Britain's Pompeii", at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire.

Archaeologists have described the find - made close to the country's "best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings" - as "unprecedented".

Still containing its hub, the 3ft-diameter (one metre) wooden wheel dates from about 1,100 to 800 BC.

The wheel was found close to the largest of one of the roundhouses found at the settlement last month.


Joint enterprise law 'wrongly interpreted' for 30 years, Supreme Court rules

From the BBC. This is good news for a lot of innocent people who made the mistake of being with the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

The law which has allowed people to be convicted of murder even if they did not inflict the fatal blow has been wrongly interpreted for more than 30 years, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The joint enterprise law has been used to convict people in gang-related cases if defendants "could" have foreseen violent acts by their associates.

However, judges ruled it was wrong to treat "foresight" as a sufficient test.

Their decision could pave the way for hundreds of prisoners to seek appeals.

It will apply in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and most UK overseas common law territories but not in Scotland, which has its own rules on joint enterprise.


Cuba returns to the US 'wrongly shipped' Hellfire missile

Source: BBC

Cuba returned to the United States an inert Hellfire missile that had been wrongly shipped to Havana in June 2014.

The missile, which did not contain explosives, had been shipped to Spain for a Nato training exercise, the Wall Street Journal said.

It was then taken to Germany and eventually to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for onward delivery to Florida.

It was instead loaded on to an Air France flight to Havana.

The incident could have led to a serious loss of military technology, officials told the Wall Street Journal.

The whole affair has been embarrassing for the Americans, who have had to ask the Cubans if they could have their highly sensitive missile back, says the BBC's Will Grant in Havana.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-35571837

Tory Valentines.

These are by a comedian called Phil Chapman.

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