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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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Lest we forget what the era of Bill Clinton's Presidency was like.

Some mistakes like trusting that the Crime bill would be enforced justly and fairly and trusting that the Welfare reform bill would get necessary changes in the second term and help pull families out of poverty...but impeachment took over.
But take a look at the really progressive policies that Clinton/Gore introduced.

The Brady Bill
Violence Against Women
Assault weapons ban
Tax relief on the working poor.
and much more

It ought to be an eye opener to those who don't have a jaundiced eye.


Actually Hillary is behind Sanders in WI. But all she needs to do is stay close.

If she just stays close the path get harder for Bernie.

Trump is the only candidate in the race who loses if he wins and loses if he loses.

He really doesn't want to President but with all the Trump worshipers out there his ego won't allow him to admit this to himself. Thus he continues along the path to what he regards as his kingship. If he wins the Presidency (and i really believe he won't) he loses. He loses his freedom, his family's freedom, his money, and will not be able to make the deals he is used to making and he fail at a lot of things. If he loses, he will be the thing he dreads the most...being a LOSER!

He has a way out, though, if he chooses it wisely. He needs to be employing the best minds to come up with a way for him to save face and bow out gracefully. yeah, I know...not the Trumpster. But this is the only way he will be able to survive this mess he has gotten himself into with his ego in tact.

I don't know what his camp will come up with, if anything, but it is a possible way out for him and the country. What a joy seeing Trump in a lose-lose situation.

Hillary in Milwaukee


Hillary in Milwaukee ..


Susan Srandon just proved why Bernie is not my choice. nt

DeSoto Texas.


I guess we hate large corporations...until we don't.


Large corporations, some that have been smeared here at DU, played a significant role in helping the governor of GA reach his decision...even if he says there was no pressure.

Received my Official Sample Ballot for voting in Maryland/Montgomery County two weeks ago,

Just finished reading it thoroughly. 2016 voting is by paper ballot!

A more complete and clear sample could not be given in my mind.

The back of the ballot is clearly marked with polling place information.

EARLY VOTING: Ten early voting locations open April 14-April 21, 10am-8-pm
To regis at Early Voting, all one needs is a Maryland MVA ID (driving license or MVA issued ID) or other proof of residence.

VOTING BY MAIL: Use the application printed inside sample ballot and be sure to mail it postmarked by Election Day April 26

VOTING ON ELECTION DAY: Tuesday April 26 (7am-8pm) at the polling place printed on the back of this Guide.
Lots of detailed information inside

Voters MUST be registered to vote by April 5(Party affiliated. So switching MUST be done by this date OR during the EARLY VOTING times. (No exceptions)

If you are 17 you can register to vote ONLY IF YOU WILL BE 18 ON ELECTION DAY.

These instructions along with all the detailed information inside the voting Guide/Sample Ballot is ALL the information a voter will need to register, change registration etc. BUT I be money that there will be many people...especially the Bernie folks who will want to change party affiliation or register to vote ON ELECTION DAY, April 26. And when they are not permitted to vote or asked to fill out provisional ballots they will be screaming voter fraud/suppression by the DNC or Hillary campaign even though these rules are in place state-wide and well in advance of Maryland election day.

We are becoming a kind of disgusting nation of selfishness.

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