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Boy! Did i strike a nerve over in GDP with this post.


Some folks really need to examine themselves. Introspection is important.

What really has Hillary personally done to anyone to warrant such vitriol and hate? Even GWB in his worse actions and inactions has never garnered the level of hate and vitriol thrown at Hillary...and even Bill?
Are folks angry because Bill came from being dirt poor and Hillary a modest middle income family to be elected to the highest office and to leverage his accomplishments to earn great wealth? Or are folks angry at Hillary for growing and working hard in public service to leverage her intelligence in the same manner? Are you angry that Bill Clinton had the audacity to suffer the same human frailties and infidelities that many other great men suffered from too..Kennedy, Johnson, Roosevelt, Reagan to name a few? Are you angry and hate them for keeping their marriage together? Are you angry that they never stooped to the lowness and nastiness demonstrated by their detractors in the public and the media? Just what is it that drives the hate?

I worked at the Senate for several months right after Bill Clinton was elected. People were dumbfounded that this piece of "trailer trash" (yes, those were the exact words of a staffer of a well-known Senator (GOP) spoke in conversation with three other outraged staffers) would be elected to the Office of President after such a decent man a GBush had served so wonderfully. There was a lot of nasty, unkind talk all over the Hart Building in those days...but none of it compared to what I see here.

What am I missing? One can not like the Clinton's politics or be angry about past policies that Bill Clinton wrongly gets accused of passing all by himself but, my god, the mas has not committed mass murder, killed dogs, or sent the country off to unnecessary war. Just what is it?

Why is it that so many women just actually hate Hillary when I can find nothing in her past or present that would warrant such hatred. She quoted an unfavorable label of "super predator" in a discussion about crime. People who saw that video immediately jumped all over it as some kind of racism against black youth. Yet when Bernie Sanders said on the House floor that those same kind of youth needed to be put in prison to protect society from them is was immediately excused. And yes, Hillary and Bernie were talking about the same people.

Do we hate Hillary for faithfully carrying out the foreign policy of the President she served? Do we hate her because of the trumpted up charges about Benghazi, when the facts are actually clear that there was a lot of confusion on the ground surrounding the attacks at that time. Do we hold her to some kind of higher standard than a President and SOS who served over 20 or more attacks at out overseas embassies with hundreds of Marine and civilian lives being lost? Just WTF is the reason or reasons?

Do we hate her for keeping her marriage together, for being a damn good mother, a forgiving wife...what?
It really is something that many of her detractors need to honestly ask themselves. It is not enough for her or Bill to admit mistakes, apologize or show genuine remorse for past mistakes in judgment or actions but it is ok to support those who never are held accountable for anything, refuse to apologize, and wag fingers in our faces when asked to explain their own positions. Some stuff just doesn't make sense.

Great article by Drum. Must read.


Same way I feel about Bernie.

Is there any help the US can give to Kenya in this terrible building collapse..equipment etc?

It is so so sad. Torrential rains likely shifted the building foundation.

So, Hillary is playing the "woman card." Well, it is in the deck along with the misogynist card,

the sexist card, and the Stepford wife card and the racism card as well as the homophobic card.

My sister-in-law who is black reminds me of the time when she went into her office the morning after the Geraldine Ferraro VP candidate debate against George Bush. All the white women (all high ranking admin assistants and secretaries to the directors in this renown Federal agency) in the office were outraged that Geraldine was so "disrespectful" and "rude" to the elder statesman. "How dare she be so belligerent toward this fine man who held such high rank wishing the government." They were ALL incredulous about Geraldine's performance. My sis-in-law was so out done by their comments that she almost lost her job (lowest paid clerk in the office). Won't go into all the details about that era or her difficult time dealing with, what we refer to as the "Stepford wives syndrome" which has two both a male side and a female side.

So people wonder why many black females will vote for Hillary. Just suffice it to say, they aren't Stepford wives, never have been, never will be. They have worked hard to care for their families during the most difficult times fighting both black and white male abuses. They see in Hillary a fighter just like many of themselves. Women holding their families together against all odds. Not all black women are single moms with out-of-wed-lock children to raise. Many are struggling, loving, smart mothers keeping it real, recognizing the challenges their spouses face...forgiving when necessary, fierce when need be, and faithful to protecting their families.

Nice response from a Democrat to Bernie's Democratic party soul-saving.

Laron Peters
I have been a proud Democrat for 50+ years. The notion that we didn't have a "soul" before Bernie Sanders is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever. The soul of the Democratic party is not hatred for the rich or getting other people to give us free stuff. The soul of the Democratic party is not now or has it ever been Socialism.

Democrats believe in fairness. Socially and economically. We believe that sometimes the government must enforce this. But wanting the rich to pay a little more in taxes or for them to have less say in politics is what we believe. This does not make them evil or the source of all of our problems. We don't hate capitalism. It has made us the envy of the world.

Bernie Sanders has it ALL wrong. This country has problems but Democrats want to work to fix them not throw everything that we have accomplished out and start completely over using an economic model that has been at the core of Cuba for the last 60 years.


Oh, the Vatican is back in the news..with a Biden visit. Hmm...no comments? nt

Didn't Hillary lose in 2008 under the same election rules? nt

Just asking. If the protestors at the Trump event were black, how many would already be shot by

police and how many more would be locked up by now?

All Hillary and the rest of the Dems have to do to win this in November is to simply REMIND

people what the GOP has done to them and the country when they are in power, in the White House and in the Congress. And then remind people what Democrats have done for them when they were in power.

The history is pretty stark. Medicare, SS, TVA, Pell grants, Affirmative Action, etc. There is a long, long list.
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