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DeGreg's Journal
DeGreg's Journal
June 8, 2016

About those Super Delegates....

What's the procedure for counting their votes OFFICIALLY? Is there a tally, a role call vote, are they assembled in one place at one time? And, how can their votes be verified, or audited after they vote? And, will we be able to see them cast their votes ON CAMERA (by some media outlet pretending to cover the process)? I'd like to see the faces of all the super delegates as they vote--because right now they are phantoms and I'd really like to know they are real people who vote rather than just another work around or some other way to game the voting public.


June 4, 2016

What's the big deal ?

So let me get this straight, and maybe or likely, this question has been posed inside a thousand replies to other threads, BUT

How is it that a lot of people think Hillary's Foreign Policy speech eviscerated Trump, when those same people have been, for months now, saying that Trump is, not just a racist bigot, etc., but also dumb and completely inexperienced in the ways of global and National politics? (No shit Sherlock.)

I mean no matter what Hillary had to say about her Foreign Policy (nothing to brag about on it's own, unless you enjoy perpetual war and the killing that goes with it; not to mention the money that can be made) she was gonna school him.

Isn't it kind of like picking on someone smaller than you, kind of like an adult bragging about out smarting a child? Isn't that kinda like bullying? SO, intellectually that speech didn't have a very high bar at all now, did it? Plus, nothing she said matters one bit to Donald Trump (and perhaps not to his supporters as well).

Now, to see some folks (and that might and likely does include mainstream/status quo/establishment/corporate media) basically lose their shit exaggerating how good and effective her speech was in "taking down Trump," just makes me laugh.

And, IMHO, only reveals yet another example, on the part of the media, of an instance of actual propaganda stirred into "coverage;" and on the part of Hillary supporters, another demonstration of wishful thinking that the speech did anything at all other than confirm their own desperate bias.

This does not make me a Trump supporter (I'm with Bernie) for having said this. You're welcome to tell yourself anything you want.

April 15, 2016

She wants "evidence"


Snip from the book:

And perhaps as the next race approaches, a voice within tells you that you don’t want to have to go through all the misery of raising all that money in small increments all over again. You realize that you no longer have the cachet you did as the upstart, the fresh face; you haven’t changed Washington, and you’ve made a lot of people unhappy with difficult votes. The path of least resistance — of fund-raisers organized by the special interests, the corporate PACs, and the top lobbying shops — starts to look awfully tempting, and if the opinions of these insiders don’t quite jibe with those you once held, you learn to rationalize the changes as a matter of realism, of compromise, of learning the ropes. The problems of ordinary people, the voices of the Rust Belt town or the dwindling heartland, become a distant echo rather than a palpable reality, abstractions to be managed rather than battles to be fought.

I know this is not "evidence" but when you think about it, she frames it like she's being criminally charged ---- what about ethics!
She's only worried about being proven guilty ... but ethics , i'm thinking ethics don'tmatter much

March 21, 2016

No doubt about it: Politico and HuffPost, and MSM = Ministry of Propaganda.

I find the headline on HuffPost today (2:15pm est.) to be shameful in it's unbalanced attempt to sway--


The Establishment and Democrats calling for Bernie to stop trying to win the nomination are the purest form of hypocrites––one need only take a glance at how they protest vehemently about the rules when Republicans move to block Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. Now they want to rush the process and they’re using all their power (political and corporate) doing whatever it takes to UPEND THE ELECTION because they want Hillary to be the nominee, before you’re even finished voting. Because, if you keep voting, you might end up picking a nominee they don’t want (Bernie). The fact that they’re doing this, so brazenly, with the complicity of the MEDIA tells you HOW VERY REAL THEY THINK THE CHANCES ARE that Bernie might win––should the nomination process play out completely as it is designed.

So whoever they are––The DNC, The Media, The Corporations, The Establishment––they’re revealing their true nature. They are bullies using their power to push the electorate around, they abuse their power––The DNC by favoring Hillary, the Media by propagandizing and virtually blacking out Bernie’s campaign story… this is what power looks like when it thinks it can do whatever it wants… This is the kind of abuse of power they pretend to fear from Donald Trump, but what they really fear is someone else having the power. What they really fear is you, your vote, you deciding instead of them. Don't fall for it.

Leave Bernie alone.
Unify with Bernie.
Never surrender.

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