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DeGreg's Journal
DeGreg's Journal
June 8, 2016

About those Super Delegates....

What's the procedure for counting their votes OFFICIALLY? Is there a tally, a role call vote, are they assembled in one place at one time? And, how can their votes be verified, or audited after they vote? And, will we be able to see them cast their votes ON CAMERA (by some media outlet pretending to cover the process)? I'd like to see the faces of all the super delegates as they vote--because right now they are phantoms and I'd really like to know they are real people who vote rather than just another work around or some other way to game the voting public.


June 4, 2016

What's the big deal ?

So let me get this straight, and maybe or likely, this question has been posed inside a thousand replies to other threads, BUT

How is it that a lot of people think Hillary's Foreign Policy speech eviscerated Trump, when those same people have been, for months now, saying that Trump is, not just a racist bigot, etc., but also dumb and completely inexperienced in the ways of global and National politics? (No shit Sherlock.)

I mean no matter what Hillary had to say about her Foreign Policy (nothing to brag about on it's own, unless you enjoy perpetual war and the killing that goes with it; not to mention the money that can be made) she was gonna school him.

Isn't it kind of like picking on someone smaller than you, kind of like an adult bragging about out smarting a child? Isn't that kinda like bullying? SO, intellectually that speech didn't have a very high bar at all now, did it? Plus, nothing she said matters one bit to Donald Trump (and perhaps not to his supporters as well).

Now, to see some folks (and that might and likely does include mainstream/status quo/establishment/corporate media) basically lose their shit exaggerating how good and effective her speech was in "taking down Trump," just makes me laugh.

And, IMHO, only reveals yet another example, on the part of the media, of an instance of actual propaganda stirred into "coverage;" and on the part of Hillary supporters, another demonstration of wishful thinking that the speech did anything at all other than confirm their own desperate bias.

This does not make me a Trump supporter (I'm with Bernie) for having said this. You're welcome to tell yourself anything you want.

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