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snowy owl

snowy owl's Journal
snowy owl's Journal
February 28, 2016

Caucuses and labor unions - I'm asking a question here

I just posed this on another thread but realized I'd like the answer to it so am putting it out there for someone to clarify for me. Any fail-safe for this? Thanks.

I read that Harry Reid called the union bosses and told them to get their members out there for Hillary in Nevada. So, since caucuses are visible and personal, is labor afraid to caucus for their own choices or under pressure to please the union bosses? That may be a huge failure in the caucus system.

February 26, 2016

Bernie on MSNBC

If you haven't seen the Mathews interview, you should. Now that Mathews has calmed down, it is a really worthwhile discussion with Bernie. I sometimes wish MSNBC had more viewers. But I understand completely why they don't.

February 26, 2016

How does one get Chri Mathews to shut up!

Bernie has the patience of Job.

February 25, 2016

Dishonest pro-Hillary economists attack Sanders economist Friedman

But several prominent economists have come to Friedman's defense. Even Krugman was criticized for following the public line by these pro-Hillary establishment economists. That's below-the-belt campaigning. Bernie has done nothing like that. He's stay issues-oriented and almost monotonously on-message. One change I'd like to see in his message is his history of changing governments by hiring honest and smart outsiders. He doesn't message that at all and yet that's what made the difference in Burlington - a town he changed for the better. He should let people know that his administrators will not come from corporations like Rubin but from non-corporate places. His message needs to evolve a little bit and what better message than to tell Americans there are good people out there and they don't work for corporations.


The Sanders 'Economic Plan' Controversy

Wow! As I write, Chris Hayes has Robby Mook, campaign manager for Hillary, claiming Bernie's numbers don't add up and how he wants to raise taxes I wonder if they'll put a Bernie defender up to rebut? They did! Jeff Weaver. Of course, Hayes is arguing with Weaver.

February 13, 2016

Maddow is not honest

The MSNBC host to frustrates me the most is Maddow. She claims to be a policy wonk and everybody thinks she's smarter than Einstein. Today she did another hit piece on Bernie by claiming that his claim that a mandate from the people will result in a revolution by the sheer numbers that turn out. So she compared his numbers with Obama's in 2008. Obama's were greater of course. And that did not result in a mandate nor did it change our politic process. Case closed. Right?

Well I don't think so. Obama did bring in a democratic congress as I recall. He had his congress but he failed to deliver. The country was behind him 100%. But suddenly he forgot promises made and spent too much time trying to bring Republicans and Democrats together. And that is why he lost so many of those Democrats in 2010. Liberals were disappointed and did not vote. He was the problem.

If I'm wrong, please correct me. But Bernie won't waste such an opportunity. He's all fire and mission where Obama was milquetoast and right wing in some of his policies. I recall a lot of people calling Obama center-right. Well, Rachel, you can spin it any way you want but one thing I'll give Bernie, he's honest almost to a fault. And, damn, he's a whole lot smarter than you or anybody else on MSNBC. In fact, he sounds smart . . . he is smart. That's what attracts me. He is just so darn smart!

February 8, 2016

will the democratic party let Bernie be the candidate?

Seems John Sununu thinks not. Nor does Eoin Higgins writing on Huffpo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eoin-higgins/bernie-sanders-will-not-b_b_8908320.html

It's possible Sanders could win a majority of the primaries. But he still won't be the Democratic nominee. The Democratic Party will never allow it.

See, the Democratic National Convention, where the Democratic nominee will be decided, is under no obligation to assign delegates to the winners of primary states. In fact, the rules don't even specify that the primary results be taken into account when deciding on the nominee.

You may remember this from the last time Clinton ran for president in 2008. The Clintons made noise about a floor fight to wrest the nomination away from upstart Barack Obama, who had a plurality of delegates.

The Clinton team pointed out to the media through back channels that although Obama had won more primaries, it didn't really matter in the end. Hillary Clinton could still be nominated without winning.

Clinton decided against that floor fight. Obama went on to become president.

BTW, I'm an independent like the Bern. I have no fondness for the democrats.

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