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Member since: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 12:07 PM
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(Update) Up to 93.4% reported..

Hillary up 52.7% to Bernie's 47.2%.

I can't decide what I am going to enjoy most..

The theories about how she cheated...

The Bernie supporters about how this is still a win for them

Or the beer am I about to crack open in celebration.

Onto South Carolina!!

Jim Clyburn..

Giving his endorsement to Hillary right now!! Wooooo!!

Vermont's Black Leaders: We Were ‘Invisible’ To Bernie Sanders

Sorry if this has been posted already..


"He just always kept coming back to income inequality as a response, as if talking about income inequality would somehow make issues of racism go away.”

If you have watched the GOP Debate tonight..

I don't care who the heck you support on the left side, it is clear we need to keep these guys out of the White House. They are an embarrassment to America.

Did you guys know..

That Hillary voted for the war 14 years ago?

Goodness, I think that statement right there is Bernie's foreign policy stance.

After taking an hour or so away from everything..

I am good to go, and the emotional standpoint of a loss is not impacting me. This is a marathon not a sprint. That's one heck of a win for Bernie, he's also running one heck of a campaign. But, Hillary has a good one too, and now it's time to take America by storm and get this nomination. No need to fret over tonight, there is much more to this race than New Hampshire.

As we head into tonight...

I want to remind everyone that we should act with class, respect, and dignity, no matter the outcome.

It will obviously be very difficult for Hillary to win tonight, and, honestly, I expect a Bernie victory of possibly 10%, if not more. If it is less than that, then I think she has done exceptionally well. If it is more than that, well congrats to Bernie, but we do have a long race ahead of us, and New Hampshire will not be a large deal in the grand scheme of things.

I first want to take time to congratulate Bernie. I may not agree with what he says, I may not agree 100% with his tactics, but this is politics, and whether he wants to admit it or not, he is acting like a politician like the rest of them in many ways. But I have absolutely no problem with that -- welcome to a Presidential Election! He has made a name for himself, and whether that amounts to anything in the end or not, it is impressive nonetheless. He will get my vote if he were to get the nomination, because I can 100% say that he is better than anything the GOP wants to throw our way.

That said, no matter the outcome tonight folks -- don't get too high, or don't get too low. Hillary can trek through this; she has the resources, the people, and the will. She has proven she can get through it all, and she will get through this as well. We can't overreact to one state, but instead hopefully it causes her campaign to focus and work ever harder. If she does better than expected tonight, also do not get too excited. It will probably still be a victory for Bernie, and he has use them momentum to go forward. It's a long race.

This year will be the first time I get to vote in a Presidential Election, as I was too young last time around. I can't wait until March 1, when I officially get to vote for Hillary and her cause.

I am very proud to be a Hillary supporter. She stands for a cause, and as she has said... She is not just saying things to get a rise out of her supporters, she says things with a purpose behind them. Maybe she has been a part of questionable things in the past, but welcome to life in the spotlight. She aims for big things, and with that with come criticism. But she has proven to get things done, and I know she will continue to fight to get things done if she becomes our president. I am a male and I think it would also be awesome to get a woman into that position. And she's not just any woman -- there is a reason I don't vote for Palin or Fiorina -- she's a woman that has the qualifications, has the intelligence, has the experience, and has the will power.

The main point of my post.. I know there is a great chance many of us will be disappointed with the results tonight, but do not let that dissuade you from seeing the potential in this candidate, and the bright future that lies ahead once we get her nominated as President of the United State of America.

For those who think Rubio would be our greatest threat..

I think tonight has proven his lack of experience could really hurt him. Similar to Bernie's Wall Street and big banks go to, Rubio go to is "Obama ruined this country!"
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