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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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How can people sit around a table with him?

I've got CNN on mute and the crawl keeps quoting Trump. Yeah.... remember the last time Trump sat at a table with people and said he'd support anything that congress could agree on regarding DACA?

Nothing he says is worth anything. He's contradicted himself on every single utterance. Why do people keep paying attention?

What do you think about the NDRC?

It's the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, started after the election by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. The purpose is to eliminate gerrymandering by any (non-criminal, I suppose) means. They've been instrumental in helping flip some state house seats, where re-districting will be executed.

Did you know about this organization?

Does it get you excited?


Have we had presidents this bad in our history? I ask, because....

.... I remember zoning out when we hit the latter half of the 19th century in highschool. My impression was lots of corruption and a serious lack of intelligence. Has it been this bad before?

When a post disappears.

I could swear there was a post in one of the threads yesterday with the phrase "stirring the pot," but a search for "stir" didn't turn anything up. What happens to a post when it is alerted and fails the jury? Does it just disappear, or is the subject changed to something like "Deleted by author?"


Do you think video games have contributed significantly....

...to the current notion that everyone should be armed? I was really struck by the Judy Woodruff interview of two teens who were NRA supporters. They were as articulate as the anti gun teens from Parkland that she interviewed the night before. They were clear that they wanted a world where guns were common place, their argument being that mass shooters would think twice.

They want to go back to the frontier. Or forward to video land.

Not all sexists are misogynists. Please discuss.

I've been noticing this over the last few years. Men whom no one would accuse of being misogynists fall into sexist judgments once they have developed a negative opinion of an individual woman, for whatever reason. They would never not hire or not promote a woman. They are all for equality in all arenas. But if a woman is judged to be "bad" for some reason, which would apply equally to a man, then I begin to hear comments about "shrillness." I notice that no matter what she says or does, there's something wrong. In other words, once categorized as not worthy, she can't win for losing. I don't see the same blanket attitudes directed toward men who are similarly categorized as "bad."

Does this ring a bell?

This gun thing is a bigger argument than we even realize, I think.

It's coming clear to me that the NRA wants to go back to frontier America. They really want guns to be commonplace, with everyone responsible for their own law enforcement. The thing is, if they get their way in smaller ways, we'll be forced to throw in the towel on civilization and go backwards. Because we WILL need to be our own law enforcement. Talk about scary slippery slopes.

But I'm thinking that the argument may not have been framed correctly. We need to say to NRA people, "No, we don't want everyone responsible for their own law enforcement." That is, say out loud what they are really advocating. What really brought this home was Judy Woodruff's interview with a couple of attractive, articulate NRA supporting teenagers last night.

I don't know if it will help, but I've always believed it's better to really understand the enemy than not.

Did you hear Sam Zeif at the "Listening?"

I saw posts earlier today speculating about who were invited to this event, and lamenting that the vocal Parkland students weren't there. Well, there could be nothing more eloquent than Sam Zeif. He was followed by an articulate Sandy Hook parent. It wasn't a set up.

Rachel showed the two of them. Sorry I don't have a link. Does someone else, maybe?

What does the MSD mean in #NeverAgainMSD" ?? NT

Does anyone know how national marches are organized?

I'm very excited about the prospect of the March 24 March for our lives. I hope it happens in EVERY CITY in the U.S. It's already been established for Boston Common. But I'm curious about how these things spread. Who decides to organize a march? Is there some central coordinating activity in Parkland? Is the first group to sign up for a venue the responsible group?

So glad to have DU around so I can be optimistic about getting an answer!

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