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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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My opinion of the Rasmussen poll is changing....

OOOPS! I got Rasmussen mixed up with LA/Times and IDB...

Still, nice to see this for a change.

Original Post

Illogically, since it's a tracking poll, and it's methods and pool haven't changed at all. But its results indicate that it's pool is wising up. And NOT getting swayed by stupid e-mail flap.


What do you know about EndCitizensUnited.org?

Several times I've been lured to open their e-mails because they looked (for some reason, I forget) like especially urgent Clinton e-mails. Last week I had donated money before I realized I should look at the URL at the web site carefully. The name sounds worthy, but their tactics don't feel worthy.

Anyone know anything?

What about the NCEC?

Just donated to the Mecklenburg County Dems to make sure they have enough sample ballots (see post below).

But I wonder where NCEC was? I trust them to be smart about where money goes, and it sounds like providing sample ballots in NC should be way at the top of their list. (See description in post about results of eliminating whole party voting.)

Does anyone know how NCEC allocates funds?


Canvassed again in NH today. Senator Ed Markey was there...

... to convince us that we were at the epi-center of a movement to save the world! . Carol Shea-Porter was there as well. Lots more people today than last 3 Saturdays. We were visiting only leaning and definites. My hubby visited two households that identified themselves as leaning Clinton when he arrived and who promised to vote for her when he left.

MSM is just a tickled as it can be that there's something they can whip...

... up to be in issue.

Why don't they focus on the incredible inappropriateness of a law enforcement agency making such things public before they know a damn thing. That was a throw away remark on Washington Week or CNN, but was buried in the glee.

Can anyone make a picture of the top of the Javitz Center blowing off??

So what's the actual story about early voting?

For the past couple of days I've seen glee on DU about numbers of early voting. But I just heard on ABC news that it's 40% below 2012 at this point. Any insights?

Cross post for those of you who, like me, mostly stick to GD: 2016

The Yale Record does NOT endorse Hillary Clinton. (Read the whole thing.)


Millenial Surge Has Arrived (WaPo)

Today, in fact, Clinton looks like she might even outperform President Obama among young voters. And it's a big reason she's grabbed a lead in the polls.

A new poll of 18-to-29-year olds from the Harvard Institute of Politics shows Clinton leading Donald Trump by 28 points among young likely voters in a four-way matchup that includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, 49 percent to 21 percent. That 28-point margin is notably bigger than Obama's 23-point margin in 2012, when he beat Mitt Romney 60-37 among this group.


Another good celebrity ad chuckle.

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