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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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Has anyone on the right ever...

... written about the need to understand Bernie supporters? To understand the left in general? Has anyone on the right bemoaned the polarization in our politics?

Anyone except Olympia Snow of Maine who resigned because it was intolerable?

Check out https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page

I've posted about this site before. Why?

1 - Not because I have a personal stake in it. No idea who runs it, etc.

2 - I like to share good political stuff on DU.

3 - I have a very strong interest in Dems getting active at the downest, downest down ballot level. We've got to take our country back! So I want to encourage DU members to get interested if they're not already. This place is a very easy place to get unexpected info about what's going on around you.

4 - I want to support web sites that encourage this sort of down ballot activity. To that end, I'll also plug ItStarts.Today

Do any of you have suggestions for other organizations/web sites that are facilitating down ballot activity?

P.s. Since I'm on the topic I'll share the silver lining behid Greg Cava's loss for the CT senate seat on Tuesday. In a district that hasn't gone Democratic since 1891 (NOT a typo), and where he lost by 33% points in the previous election, he lost by only 11% in this one. So next time we need to just get 5+ points to flip the seat. I don't even live in CT, but adopted this race.


Any stats on how many non-Trump supporters watched the speech?

I'm guessing there was more boycotting going on than normal, hence the polls would have been more skewed in a positive response direction than normal.

A good way to keep up with the really important news.

I'm talking down ballot. State legislatures. Redistricting lawsuits. Straight facts. If you wish you can get a daily e-mail that contains factual election-based stories. Today was about the special elections in CT and about a redistricting fight in Virginia (the Supreme Court voted 7 to 1 to reject a lower court's upholding of gerrymandering in the state. It's been sent back for them to think again.)

Anyway, this is where we have to focus our energies. We don't have to wait 4 years to do stuff!!!


The CT special state senate election. Definitely a sliver lining.

The Democrat, Greg Cava? This was his second time running. He had run for this same seat once before, in the November election. And he got his clock cleaned. In November’s election, the 32nd District went 66-34 for the Republican State Senate candidate.

Yesterday, it went for the Republican again… 55-45. That's an eleven point swing. Eleven points.

So between now and the next election we work for only a 5+ swing!!!!!


Check out these "massive" Trump rallies

A series of photos from dailykos


 "Hitler wasnt directly elected to power, his appointment as Reich chancellor was...

...legal and constitutional."

Very good and scary article from The Nation.


Is there a way to see the results of a jury session?

I've served on a jury several times and am curious as to how my fellow members voted, whether I was in the majority or not. But if I do an advanced search on the title of the post, even narrowing it down to 1 day, DU fails. "www.democraticunderground.com" took too long to respond.

Is there another way to find out the results?


The NYT Oscars ad. Does it work?

I didn't think it was working until the "Truth is hard" ending. I'm not sure everyone will stick with it till that point. What do you think?

A conversation between me and the founder of ItStarts.Today

Jonathan Zucker

6:02 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

That's the idea!

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 5:48 PM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK, I'll keep spreading the word! I have visions of some group in Wyoming suddenly with more money on their hands than they've had before, running a PR campaign for their candidate and other lonely Dems coming out of the woodwork. Who knows!!!!
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