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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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Special CT state election. Contribute to the Democratic momentum!

A few weeks ago I encouraged people to support a Dem trying to oust the Repubs from a seat they'd held since 1891 (not a typo!). He didn't win, but he did reduce the spread from 33% in the previous election to 11%. Hoping to get 6 more % in the next round. But I got this e-mail from his campaign contact. It's another opportunity to work from the bottom up. Let's take this CT house seat away from the Repubs!!!! HOP ON BOARD! This nationwide train is chugging!!!


Dear friends,

It's been a little while since we last spoke, and I hope all has been well with you. Since Greg Cava unfortunately did not win election to the State Senate, the State Rep seat occupied by his opponent is now open, and there is now a special election scheduled for April 25th.

Our candidate is Lou Esposito, a local businessman and little league football coach with deep roots in the Watertown community. I am writing you with an urgent request to support Lou's campaign.

Right now, we still need to raise $3700 by April 5th to qualify for public financing. Once we qualify for our grant, we can hit the ground running and really build on our momentum from the Cava campaign. Can we count on you to give $25, $50, or $100 to help us keep the State House blue?

Contribute Here.


Is anyone else as shallow as I am? (Looks in politics.)

I saw Rep Eric Swalwell for the first time a couple of days ago and immediately thought, "Hmmm... is he being showcased as a possible pres candidate?" I thought this strictly on the basis of his looks. CNN was on mute. He seemed a little stiff, and I'm really gun shy after having been suckered in by John Edwards. But it got me to wondering if a person's looks should have any place at all in our thinking. I would hope not, but does it matter? I'm afraid I really do want a tall person, if it's a man. I think the stats are overwhelming on that front.

Let's hope the Freedom Caucus continues strong.

Then let's hope that the Repubs figure out that the only way to get free of their strangle hold is to come up with stuff they can do working WITH Democrats.

I'm really hoping Lindsey Graham's remarkable statement today is a harbinger of change.

He said (words to the effect) "we have to work with the Democrats. What we've been doing hasn't been working."

Will this dog hunt? (Lindsey Graham statement)

Lindsey Graham has already sparked another thread from his town hall today, but
what caught my attention was that he said (words to the effect) "we have to work with the Democrats. What we've been doing hasn't been working."

Now, how to fight death by a thousand cuts.

How do we fight lack of regulation enforcement. Declining to defend court challenges, etc.

WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK CONGRESS IN 2018!!!!! (Yup, yelling.)

Any other ideas?

So who did request that the bill be pulled?

Ryan clearly stated that he told Trump he wanted to pull the bill. But CNN has had a banner running for a half hour "SOURCE: BILL PULLED AT TRUMP'S REQUEST."

Come on, guys!

Personally I think it was Ryan. I think Trump just wanted to cut his losses and move on. "Pulling" isn't the same as getting voted down, right?

Or is there any psychological difference?

How sweet it is!

How sweet it is to watch the Repubs take a dose of their own never-compromise medicine. Yuk, yuk, yuk!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Trump had had his way.

He said they should vote and move on. Sounded like a great plan. @#&^#(&$%^!!!!!! Ryan won.

What's in the minds of the Freedom Caucus????

From their perspective, the horrible bill about to be voted on is WAY BETTER than the affordable care act. And they know they can never get EVERYTHING. So why trash it?

Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted.

But puzzled.

Did elimination of "essential services" coverage cause any loss of moderate support? nt

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