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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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Does anyone know why venues are so often just filled to capacity?

It's like everyone in a city/region called each other up to see how many were going, and decided to go or not to go depending on whether the crowd would be too big.

E.g., how come about 300 people show up at a concert hall that seats 350? Or 122 people show up at an Easter vigil at 4 a.m. in a chapel that seats 130?

I'm talking about events that don't have pre-paid ticketing.

Searches time out.

Unless I do a search for a word in the subject of an OP for the current day, my searches have been timing out for months. Is this DU or my computer?


I think the MSM is doing the same thing to Trump that it did to Hillary,

and I'm just TICKLED PINK!!!! I love every minute of it.

And I don't want it to stop till he leaves office.

But then I want it to stop. Analyzing the coverage of Trump, and coming to similar conclusions about their tactics (although NOT about the underlying seriousness of the stories) makes me think that this adds credibility to our continuing critique of the MSM.

Might this dog hunt?

I'm so GLAD Obama took the going rate for his speech really early on.

This ought to go some way to putting Hillary's fees in context. The point is not to reject the going rate for your talents, but what you do with the money! Look at both the Obamas' and Clintons' charitable giving for good role models.

I just started Susan Bordo's Hillary book and I'm hooked!

I got it from the library, planning to skim it, but she articulates my feelings so well just in the preface that I know I'm going to read every word.

I made a post about the appearance of this book, just as an FYI, and someone responded that they were suspicious of everything she writes. How come?

The book is "The Destruction of Hillary Clinton," and details the vast right wing conspiracy that I, for one, have always believed existed.

What gives us hope if GOP gets 50% of GA 6 vote tonight?

Why would we expect Ossoff to win a runoff?

Review of a book about how Hillary became (irrationally) hated.

I might take some time with this, just for the comfort of some rational analysis of this weirdest of scenarios.


Can we come up with an alternative name for "Christian Right"....

... like we came up with Jihadists vs Islamic Extremists?

I really don't like how "Christian" has been co-opted, especially now that I've seen on DU how people whose opinions I normally respect have been mislead into thinking that those people really do define Christianity.

I really hope this bomb drop was the idea....

... of intelligent military people who were part of the Obama administration, making intelligent, if losing arguments. The alternative is that it's a move trumped up to give Trump another diversion. Not the way you decide to kill people.... and risk unintended consequences.

Who is more irrational? Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump?

Is bomb shelter stock going up?
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