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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
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Indivisible - How does one donate?

I was so excited by the Kentucky group's DitchMitch2020 that I wanted to donate.... help groups all over the country put up more billboards. I went to their website and couldn't find any place to make a donation. I don't want to join another group. Has anyone else here made donations?


Dunkirk, the movie, was a depressing disappointment.

After it was over, I realized I'd been hungering for an example of masses of people rallying together, bravely, to do good. There really were masses, over 300,000 soldiers rescued, over 800 civilian boats came across the channel. I wanted to be reminded, and I wanted recent generations to see something like this.

Instead, the "crowd" shots showed maybe a dozen lines of 50 to 100 soldiers each, waiting for boats. When the boats finally were shown arriving, there were maybe a couple of dozen. Most of the shots of the one boat in one of the 3 main story line showed it alone on the see. Many of the scenes of individual soldiers in another main story line showed them virtually alone.

I didn't want an over the top Hollywood spectacular. I just expected Hollywood to do one of the things it is able to do, and represent a mass gathering together of good humanity.

Instead, it just screamed out at me, "Low budget, not worth the effort."

Is it extreme to draw parallels to Idi Amin and Kim Jong-un?

How much traction can this kind of behavior have in a mature democracy? We might be wrong to dismiss the possibility of his cowing all meaningful Republican resistance. Nothing has sobered me as much as hearing thousands of boy scouts cheering on his hate filled speech. Unless it is the resounding silence of the Republican party. They're "stunned," but quietly, in the back halls of congress.

President Trumpís management style isnít making him many friends in Congress.

Trumpís habit of bullying his allies has sown seeds of doubt about whether any political sacrifice by a GOP lawmaker will be rewarded ó or even remembered ó by the president.


Does anyone know how intelligent, engaged Germans responded to early Hitler?

Does humor help?
Do incisive columns help?

It's worth looking at, because whatever they did wasn't effective.

Does anyone know why Trump Jr released the e-mail chain????? nt

Hypothesis: Trump is so awful he has become irrelevant.

I've been puzzled at how many people voted for Trump. I couldn't believe that that many people were that awful. And I've continued to be puzzled by how many Trump voters haven't reversed themselves in revulsion. My theory now is that he is just so awful, ordinary Republicans, people who want smaller government and such, are just ignoring him. They know how awful he is, but they are refusing to take ownership. If that's the case, then attacking Trump does us no good. We have to focus more on policies. What do you all think?
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