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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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This is my last post about Donald Trump.

I think we may have become addicted to Trump tweets and other idiot behavior that we can ridicule. I'm afraid it may be taking our attention from making things better next time around. So this is my last post regarding DT.

I may go cold turkey on REPLIES to DT posts.... Not quite there yet, but thinking about it.

What are we doing about gerrymandering?

I heard/read something a while ago about some group of mathematicians, perhaps in Cambridge, holding a conference on how to define/prevent gerrymandering.

I heard that Obama wanted to focus on this.

Is anything happening that ordinary folks can support?


Will Trump's signal to potential witnesses to expect a pardon work?

I'm convinced that Trump pardoned Arpaio to let potential witnesses against him in the Russia probe know that they can expect to be pardoned if necessary, so they don't need to make deals. Is there any reason why this won't work?


OK, now that the eclipse is pretty much over, can someone tell me...

... how long you need to look at the sun to get eye damage? I can see not wanting to publish this kind of news prior to the eclipse, because you can't count on people behaving. But we've all "peeked" at the sun. And most of us of a certain age have watched solar eclipses through smoked up glass, right? You actually can't easily look at the sun for more than a fraction of a second, because it is too uncomfortable. Right?


What happened to the AP eclipse video?

I was watching on the nyt web site. Gorgeous picture of red sun being slowly covered up, but total black when it was fully covered. No ring around it. And it never emerged.... went to flamingoes again. ?????

What was the Salvation Army going to be doing at Mar-a-Lago in the first place?????

On Thursday, the Cleveland Clinic, American Cancer Society and American Friends of Magen David Adom pulled out.

On Friday, the Salvation Army, American Red Cross and Susan G. Komen joined them.


I couldn't get eclipse glasses at Walmart, Best Buy or 7Eleven.

None of them had ever carried them. It's too late to order on Amazon. Any suggestions?

3 mill vs 11 mill????

I just heard something from MSNBC to the effect that in the recent time frame (not sure what that was), Repubs have raised 3 or 4 times more than Dems. Sorry, can't give the exact show, as hubby was clicking through videos on msnbc.com.

Is this true?

The guy being interviewed said something about Dems getting the staff together, and that would change... Not reassuring. Puzzling!!!

Doesn't Jared Kushner know anything about history??????????? nt

What are downsides to getting Tor browser?

I've never visited Daily Stormer. Didn't know it existed. But I do visit Breitbart.com occasionally and have replied once or twice on Facebook. I think it's good to know what's going on.

What are the downsides to installing the Tor browser and going to the link they tweeted out after being banned from GoDaddy and Google?

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