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Member since: Tue Feb 9, 2016, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,629

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What do we know about 2 Dems who voted No and one who didn't vote?

Are they Republicans in Dem clothing? Are they normally reliable Dems who are trying to hold on to red districts? Do any of you have any info?


Twitter won't accept political ads after Nov 22.

Sorry, no link. Saw it on a CNN crawl (scroll?). That stuff that runs across the bottom of the screen.

OK FACEBOOK!!!!! You now have a moral model!!!!!

Does anyone know why the record of the call...

... used such complicated methods (computer voice recognition, transcribers and regional expert) instead of a recording? How common is this throughout government? Does anyone know?


How come Rachel is the only one talking about Lev Parnav and...

... Igor Fruman????


What possessed McConnell to advise Trump to release that letter? And....

... what possessed Trump to take his advice?

Did they honestly think there was nothing wrong???

Or were they convinced it was going to see the light of day anyway?

This has continued to puzzle me for weeks.


Why is it comforting to put a name on something? Like...

...."contrarian voters." If you put a label on a behavior, like voting for Obama and then Trump, it's somehow reassuring. Probably not valid, but there. Do you agree? Ideas about why?


Do you think they'd impeach so a trial would be held in January?

As Shields or Brooks pointed out tonight, several candidates would be stuck in D.C. in the runup to the Iowa caucuses.

What do you think?


I've long been a believer in the very long term march toward human betterment.

There are studies which support this notion, even in the age of Trump. Today in the NYT there was a story about the requirement that all new buildings be topped either with solar panels or green spaces. I found that very heartening. It will become easier and easier for other entities, from individuals to municipalities to require the same things.

BUT! Is it too little too late? Climate change isn't going to wait for the building turnover in NYC to make a difference. We do need radical change. And FAST!

Does anyone know if we are able to contribute to...

.... the state department's employee association for their members' legal bills. There's a story in the Times today, but I can't find it via Google News ( search on NYT + "pay steep price" ) for a link. The headline was "To Testify, Civil Servants Literally Pay Steep Price," and it's about the legal bills witnesses incur. The employees association "dispatched an appeal to its nearly 17,000 members." I wanted to give them some money. But I can't find a way. Any ideas?


I'd post this in the lounge if they'd let me.

More trivia. I was Googling images to see if Warren wore any makeup (just lipstick, I think), and realized that she has a really youthful looking neck. I'm sure that contributes to her general image of youthfulness (along with her marvelous energy), since, I think, necks aren't easy to do surgery on, so they're revealing. Now I'm wondering if some marketing guru advised her to wear her constant medium low necklines, to accentuate this. Or maybe just her mirror did. In general, I'm interested in the people, like image advisors, if any, in the background of these candidates.

I know, MineralMan, my motives in this post are suspect. I'm probably a bad person for being interested in anything but policy. But, hey, just wondering.
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