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Profile Information

Name: Nanci
Gender: Female
Hometown: Redondo Beach
Home country: United States
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 08:27 PM
Number of posts: 5,161

About Me

I've been a member of DU since the very beginning....after that horrible fiasco - the sElection of 2000. My first user name was Lindsey, then I changed it to Nirvana555, and now it's Upthevibe. I had devices crash and I ended up having to change my user name. I've never been one to make a whole lot of original posts, but I consider myself a very active member in that I come to DU almost every day and read the wonderfully informative threads. I can't imagine what life would have been like over the past two decades without DU!

Journal Archives

Why am I not surprised....


Does anyone have a video of Rachel explaining in her show tonight

why Alito and Thomas voted they way they did in the case today?

I need two Senators

and an Attorney General in my state.....A friend texted me that DiFi is declining (I don't have a source).

Here are the names & numbers of the A.G.'s who have joined W/TX - Seditious Seventeen

ARKANSAS 501-682-2207 Leslie Rutedge
ALABAMA 334-242-7300 Steve Marshall
FLORIDA 850-414-3300 Ashley Moody
KANSAS 785-296-2215 Derek Schmidt
LOUISIANA 225-326-6705 Jeff Landry
MISSISSIPPI 601-359-3680 Lynn Fitch
NEBRASKA 402-471-2683 Douglas Peterson
OKLAHOMA 405-321-3921 Mike Hunter
S. CAROLINA 803-734-3970 Alan Wilson
S. DAKOTA 605-773-3215 Jason Ravnsba
TENNESSEE 615-741-3491 Herbert Slatery
UTAH 801-366-0260 Sean Reyes
W. VIRGINA 304-558-2021 Patrick Morrisey
MISSOURI 573-751-3321 Eric Schmidt
N. DAKOTA 701-328-2210 Wayne Stenehjem
MONTANA 406-444-2026 Tim Fox
TEXAS 512-463-2100 Ken Paxton
INDIANA 317-232-6201 Curtis Hill

I'm sorry it's not laid out well but it's easier to read than on Twitter. I hope as many of us as possible can call their offices.

"Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man...."

This is soooo good. Emmanuel Acho has several videos out and I think this one was especially good:

In your opinion, which covers were better than the original? I'll start......

God Eddie was amazing! And I know David was a handful but I think he was amazing too...

The Fairness Doctrine...

In another thread on DU, reinstating The Fairness Doctrine was mentioned. Who here on DU knows what's involved? I've wondered for quite some time why some of our Billionaires haven't bought some of these stations that spew such hatred that Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. have been engaging in for years.

Thanks for anyone's input....

So upsetting....Cunningham just called Tillis to concede

the Senate race in N. Carolina! This is one of the races where Cunningham was way ahead but then there was a seemingly not-a-big deal scandal so I guess he slipped behind?!

They were REALLY close in this race- I mean Tillis @ 48.7% and Cunningham @ 47%. What the F is going on with this!?!?Does anyone have any ideas? (MSNBC - Ayman Mohyeldin @ around 12:30 p.m. P.S.T.)

Here's a great tweet/video:


MSNBC jus called Michigan for Biden!n/t

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