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This Looks Like the DNC's Hacked Trump Oppo File

"A 200+ page document that appears to be a Democratic anti-Trump playbook compiled by the Democratic National Committee has leaked online following this week’s report that the DNC was breached by Russian hackers. In it, Trump is pilloried as a “bad businessman” and “misogynist in chief.”

The document—which according to embedded metadata was created by a Democratic strategist named Warren Flood—was created on December 19th, 2015, and forwarded to us by an individual calling himself “Guccifer 2.0,” a reference to the notorious, now-imprisoned Romanian hacker who hacked various American political figures in 2013.

The package forwarded to us also contained a variety of donor registries and other strategy files, “just a few docs from many thousands I extracted when hacking into DNC’s network,” the purported hacker claimed over email, adding that he’s in possession of “about 100 Gb of data including financial reports, donors’ lists, election programs, action plans against Republicans, personal mails, etc.”


Octopuses Are Aliens With Weird DNA And Superpower Capabilities

"The DNA of octopus may not be from this world, scientists revealed. The new study concluded that octopuses actually have alien DNA!

According to the study published in the journal Nature, octopuses have a genome that yields an unprecedented level of complexity, composed of 33,000 protein-coding genes. This number is way beyond the number that can be found in a human being.

The marine biologists behind this discovery intend to understand the DNA code of octopuses to understand them better. Through this first-ever full-genome sequence, the biologists claimed that octopuses cannot be compared to any other animal on this planet.

This is not the first study to highlight octopuses' rarity. An earlier study by, Dr. Clifton Ragsdale, hailing from the University of Chicago, claimed that the octopuses cannot even compare to other molluscs. It's eight prehensile arms, large brain and remarkable problem-solving abilities make it stand out more.

"The late British zoologist Martin-Wells said the octopus is an alien. In this sense, then, our paper describes the first sequenced genome from an alien."

The researchers from the University of Chicago added that the genome of octopuses is actually full of transposons or the jumping genes. These genes can rearrange themselves on the genome although what their real role is still be investigated."


Regardless off the click baitish headline. It's an interesting article. I've always loved octopuses.

"This man is clown" TYT: Russia Hacks DNC Servers, Steals Trump Files

This story has been posted before here but this video has some funny moments lol!

Dog swallows Gorilla Glue; vet extracts perfect mold of stomach

"Lake, a 6-month-old Weimaraner, found herself in a sticky situation.

She'd plucked a half-empty bottle of Gorilla Glue from the trash and gave it a little taste.

The events that followed were a bit unexpected.

"I didn't think anything of it," said Oklahoma City resident, and Lake's person, Krystal Wilson. "Until that night when she started vomiting."

After Googling "what happens when you swallow Super Glue" with no luck, she called Dr. Leonardo Baez of Midtown Vets.

"I could feel a mass about the size of a grapefruit," Baez said.

Obviously, Wilson was scared. "We were freaking out," she said.

The surgery took about two hours, and what Baez ended up pulling out of Lake's stomach looked like a gruesome science experiment.

"We were able to extract a perfect mold of her stomach," Baez said.

"Inside the mold, there were bits of the bottle and grass."
Um, ew.

Baez said Lake was back to normal within a matter of a few hours, tail wags and all"


I'm so glad this worked out!

Bernie Sanders Calls For Major Reforms to Democratic Party

"Bernie Sanders on Tuesday laid out a list of reforms he plans to fight for in the coming weeks, including new leadership at the Democratic National Committee, the elimination of superdelegates, and passing the "most progress" platform ever at next month's convention in Philadelphia.

Sanders remarks, which came on the final day of the Democratic nominating contest and hours before he is to meet with Hillary Clinton, provided the most complete picture yet for what he will likely prioritize before pledging support for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Throughout his upstart campaign, Sanders clashed with many in the Democratic party establishment. Notable among those is DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who Sanders' campaign tried to pressure into sanctioning more primary debates.

"We need a person at the leadership of the DNC who is vigorously supporting and out working to bring people into the political process," Sanders said. "Yeah, I know political parties need money. But it is more important that we have energy."

Sanders also called for electoral reform, including the elimination of superdelegates who have overwhelmingly pledged to support Clinton. He also called for open primaries, which would allow more of the independent voters who supported Sanders to vote in Democratic primaries, and same day voter registration.

"We need an electoral process that is worthy of the Democratic party," Sanders said."


Here’s Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Save Puerto Rico And Stick It To Vulture Funds

"Puerto Rico’s economy has been in a depression for a decade. With the territory likely to default on a $2 billion debt payment on July 1, the island’s ugly humanitarian situation could become even more nightmarish.

More than half of Puerto Rican children already live in poverty, its unemployment rate is over 12 percent and the government has been closing schools and curbing public services to help make short-term debt payments. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Puerto Rico is barred from requiring vulture funds — those that invest in distressed debt — to take haircuts on government bonds. The ruling grants the federal government exclusive jurisdiction over any debt reduction scheme for the U.S. territory. Wall Street hedge funds were thrilled.

But the July 1 deadline and the Supreme Court ruling also strengthen the hands of Washington politicians — including those more enamored with traditional thinking at the International Monetary Fund than with the concerns of American citizens living in Puerto Rico.

Thus far, there have been two positions on resolving the Puerto Rican crisis circling through the nation’s capital. Vulture funds have pursued a “screw you, pay me” strategy that has gained traction with many congressional Republicans, while decimating Puerto Rico’s economy. The Obama administration, by contrast, has backed a bipartisan bill to impose further budgetary austerity on the island, coupled with meaningful debt reduction. The bill’s austerity intent is clear. It would allow for the minimum wage to be suspended, and would lift President Barack Obama’s new overtime pay expansion island-wide. American citizens in Puerto Rico might well ask whether being stripped of labor protections provided to mainlanders is a product of the island’s colonial history. It’s hard to see what private-sector investment in such plans would encourage other than, say, payday lending."


There's no spite in this man.

Clinton: Trump ‘Unfit and Totally Unqualified’ to Be President

"Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump’s approach to national security, arguing the country needs “leadership, common sense and concrete plans” after Sunday's massacre in Florida.

Clinton, speaking in Pittsburgh today, launched one of her sharpest broadsides yet against the presumptive Republican nominee, whom she labeled as “temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief.”

“He has to distract us from the fact he has nothing substantive to say,” Clinton said, referring to Trump’s national security speech in New Hampshire. “We don’t need conspiracy theories and pathological self-congratulations. We need leadership, common sense and concrete plans because we are facing a brutal enemy.”

Clinton said she read “every word” of Trump’s speech and concluded it was full of “lies.”


Sanders aides not expecting campaign suspension Tuesday

Bernie Sanders is not poised to suspend his campaign or immediately endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton after their meeting Tuesday night, but he intends to keep his pledge to help defeat Donald Trump, two people close to Sanders told CNN.

Tuesday marks the final primary contest as Democrats in Washington, D.C., vote.

The Democratic candidates are planning to meet Tuesday night, and a person close to Sanders said, "It should be amicable and hopefully constructive."


Judge blocks Seattle from revealing locations of FBI’s hidden cameras on utility poles

Source: Seattle Times

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order preventing Seattle City Light from disclosing the location of FBI cameras and other surveillance equipment hidden on some of the city’s utility poles.

U.S. District Judge Richard Jones said in a written order Monday that he reviewed classified material before issuing the order, finding that the bureau could be “irreparably injured” if the information is released. Turning over the information could damage national security or “harm important federal law enforcement operational interests as well as the personal privacy of innocent third parties.”

Federal prosecutors filed a complaint Monday in U.S. District Court asking that City Light be barred from turning over the information in response to a state public- disclosure request filed by Phil Mocek, a founding member of the Center for Open Policing, which has sued a number of public agencies over access to information.

According to the complaint, filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI claims it has “already been injured by the city’s unauthorized” disclosure of the existence of the cameras to KIRO-TV in November in response to a public-disclosure request.

Read more: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/judge-blocks-seattle-city-light-from-disclosing-locations-of-fbi-surveillance-cameras/

Crazy times.

LIVE: Hillary Clinton Speaks About Donald's Orlando Shooting Speech

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