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COL Mustard

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Gender: Male
Current location: NCR
Member since: Sun Feb 28, 2016, 02:16 PM
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I was only a Lieutenant Colonel, but I do like good mustard. And cheesesteaks. Wit.

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Good Riddance To Bad, Bad Rubbish


Source: Washington Post
Hannah Knowles
Dec. 30, 2020 at 9:18 p.m. EST
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Samuel Little, the deadliest serial killer in American history, died Wednesday at the age of 80, with police around the country still searching for his victims.
Little, who admitted late in life to killing 93 people across 19 states, evaded justice for more than four decades, preying on women at the margins of society. He targeted sex workers, drug users and poor, mostly Black women whose murders authorities repeatedly failed to solve or struggled to prosecute.
Officials acknowledge that the vast majority of murders attributed to Little would never have been solved if he did not begin confessing in 2018, while serving multiple life sentences in a California prison.

I Don't Know, Somebody Tell Me, Please......

Is this incitement to riot? If it isn't, I think it's awfully close.


Edited to add FR post, as requested. Plus some of the better comments.

President Donald Trump Calls For Protest in DC on Jan 6., Says ĎBe There, Will Be Wildí
Twitter ^ | 12/19/20
Posted on 12/19/2020, 5:02:47 AM by Altura Ct.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud 'more than sufficient' to swing victory to Trump https://washex.am/3nwaBCe. A great report by Peter. Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!

To: Altura Ct.
Trump ought to call on the military and have them standing by just outside of the doors of congress, if they donít do whatís right and by the book, arrest them for treason. And arrest the traitor in the States too that have not been doing stuff by the book. Maybe Trump has something like that in mind, either way Trump is a fighter and he going to fight all the way to the end, which may gets nasty at the end.

9 posted on 12/19/2020, 6:22:54 AM by ReformedBeckite (1 of 3 I'm only allowing my self each day)
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To: Altura Ct.
Antifa, BLM, Communist agents, Deep State agents, corrupt DC police (who herded Trump supporters into Antifa gangs last month so they could be hurt), and leftist thugs will be there as well.
Just FYI. I am not saying don't go, I am saying you need to know.

10 posted on 12/19/2020, 6:25:25 AM by SkyPilot ("I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6)
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To: ReformedBeckite
Trump ought to call on the military and have them standing by just outside of the doors of congress, if they donít do whatís right and by the book, arrest them for treason. And arrest the traitor in the States too that have not been doing stuff by the book.
Even if Trump did this and prevailed in the election fraud, Congress would impeach, and this time, remove him for the act you describe.

11 posted on 12/19/2020, 6:27:03 AM by SkyPilot ("I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6)
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To: Altura Ct.
This is the ultimate "democracy" card.
The sheer power of millions marching on D.C.

The police will be overwhelmed. They are a few thousand.

The military will be under command of President Trump.

If this is legitimate, the people will speak.

President Trump refers to the report by Peter Navarro.

12 posted on 12/19/2020, 6:33:52 AM by marktwain (President Trump and his supporters are the Resistance. His opponents are the Reactionaries. )
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To: Altura Ct.
Does this mean military tribunals are off the table?

13 posted on 12/19/2020, 6:56:13 AM by SisterK (its a spiritual war )
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To: SkyPilot
Protective gear for wearing later, when the hoodlums come out, is a must. (helmet, goggles, face mask) Also some means of personal protection, like a can of hornet spray and a big stick.

14 posted on 12/19/2020, 7:02:00 AM by a real Sheila (WuFlu be gone!)
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To: ReformedBeckite
Folks...I am sure that our great POTUS, Donald J. Trump has the ďACEĒ card tucked away safely, in his sleeve, sitting there waiting for just the right moment to be released, like a deadly, fatal, biting, snake!!!! Like Washington, DC editor & commentator, Charles Hurt....Trump also knows that badly tainted, corrupted, criminal, Democrat, Joe Biden is the laugh joke, of this Earth, a man with a drop of capable leadership in his entire body!!! And a healthy shout out and ditto for Kamala Harris, the Democrat Party Lap Dog from the failed state of California.

I could write a book on these Democrat Party retards, America and American Haters...but....most Americans realize, know & understand the low life, power hungry goons, that seek to destroy the American Republic for so many years and made the USA the greatest country in the world, with freedom and liberty for citizens individuals!!!

I trust POTUS, Trump...he simply loves his country and the American people...all of them!!!

So....I ask & implore millions of loyal & patriotic Americans to join POTUS Trump,and, to gather in Washington, DC with him to protest these Democrat Nation Destroyers. Be there.

Joe Biden & his entire Democrat Party are nothing but traitors & turncoats. A person like a totally incompetent,Joe Biden should never, ever, get even near a place called the White House...a place called a Jail House suits Biden and Democrats to a tee!!! Wake up, Americans...your country is at stake, march proudly in protest with our great POTUS, Trump the real honest 2020 POTUS, winner by an historical landslide victory. As Mr. Hurt outlines in fact, Biden is nothing but a weak sister, with few real leadership talent and qualities at all!!!

POTUS, Trump....God and Country call upon you to Protect and defend this great Republic...now do it, Trump...Biden must never, ever, occupy the POTUS slot or the White House...period!!!

15 posted on 12/19/2020, 7:08:57 AM by JLAGRAYFOX (Defeat both the Republican (e) & Democrat (e) political parties....Forever!!!)
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Shocker. FDA Approves EUA For COVID Vaccine


I guess Hahn can keep his job for the next 4 1/2 weeks.

Even A Blind Hog Finds An Acorn Every Now And Then

Trump gave most Federal employees the day off on Christmas Eve. Honestly, after the way he and the Republicans have tried to screw us over, I'm genuinely surprised.


Electoral College Certificates of Ascertainment

Interesting reading from the National Archives. It's not complete, since several states haven't submitted. They'll update after the electors vote on Monday.


The Lincoln Project Is Still At It

Dayum, they do some good ads!!! This one is devastating.


When the 2024 contenders come around, remember this

Jennifer Rubin, absolutely devastating, in today's Washington Post:

(Excerpt Follows. Full Text is at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/11/22/when-2024-contenders-come-around-remember-this/)

The 2024 Republican presidential primary field may be large, unless President Trump hangs around. Ironically, potential GOP contenders have increased the chances that Trump will return by refusing to call out his unconstitutional assault on the sanctity of our elections and his embrace of deranged conspiracy theories.

Letís say Trump does not run again. When Republican candidates such as Sens. Josh Hawley (Mo.), Tom Cotton (Ark.), Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) come around looking for support, the country should dismiss them out of hand. They repeatedly failed basic tests of citizenship ó let alone leadership ó forfeiting their moral authority to serve in any government position.

Let us recall what they did and did not do (and for brevity, letís just stick to the year 2020):
When evidence was replete of Trumpís impeachable acts, they refused to call witnesses such as former national security adviser John Bolton and acquitted Trump.
When evidence came to light that Trump had been informed of Russian bounties on the heads of U.S. troops, but repeatedly refused to raise the issue with President Vladimir Putin during phone calls, they did not insist on hearings, condemn Trump for dereliction of duty or ever demand a satisfactory explanation.
When Trump attempted in advance to delegitimize the election, falsely claiming absentee ballots were inherently fraudulent, they did not denounce him as undermining our democracy.
When the postmaster generalís conflicts of interest and deliberate slowdowns at the U.S. Postal Service came to light, they did not demand his resignation.
When we learned that Trump told The Postís Bob Woodward that covid-19 was an airborne virus much more dangerous than the flu ó while telling the public something entirely different ó they did not demand an investigation or condemn the presidentís actions.
When Trump denigrated mask-wearing; held packed rallies during a pandemic; took his Secret Service detail for a spin around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center despite having covid-19; held likely superspreader events at the White House; and failed to take proper precautions for White House staff, leading to scores of sick employees, they were AWOL.
When Trump filed dozens of spurious lawsuits and presented baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election, they did not cry foul or insist the presidential transition get underway. Instead, they suggested the lawsuits should work their way through the system.
When Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) contacted Georgiaís secretary of state and allegedly suggested he throw out some ballots, they did not criticize him or call for any inquiry.
When Trump contacted a member of the Wayne County, Mich., canvassing board after her vote to certify the results (after which she attempted to retract her vote), they did not admonish the president or warn him against interfering with local officials.
When he called Michigan lawmakers to the White House, apparently to pressure them into putting forward a competing slate of electors for him rather than for the rightful winner in the state (by about 150,000 votes), they did not object.
When Trump and his lawyers specifically targeted heavily African American cities in an effort to disenfranchise them, they were quiet.
When it became clear that Trump had no legitimate legal claims and was trying to undo the results of a democratic election by getting state officials to thwart the will of the people, they were mute.

Freepers' Heads Exploding All Over PA


Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

Tom Metzger is dead.


Talk About Sore Losers

I remember from 20 years ago when the Republicans made Sore-Loserman signs mocking Goreís litigation after the election.

Now theyíre the sore losers who are already vowing to resist a Biden administration. Well guess what ? Itís coming and I couldnít be happier!!!
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