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Her Sister

Her Sister's Journal
Her Sister's Journal
May 31, 2016

Sanders takes no questions from media at 'press conference' (HRC GP)

Bernie Sanders wrapped up a news conference Tuesday but didn’t take a single question from the press.

The Vermont senator spoke for roughly 10 minutes during what was billed by the campaign a health care press conference and featured remarks from industry professionals such as Deborah Burger from National Nurses United.

“I’m gonna say a few words in a moment but I wanted to introduce some people who on a daily basis are working amidst the health care crisis in this country and I want them to reflect on what they see and where they want this country and this state to go,” Sanders said from Emeryville, California, ahead of the state’s June 7 primary.

He then introduced three people, one by one, before delivering his brief remarks, which were largely a portion of his stump speech.

“We got a dysfunctional system and we are gonna change that system. That is what the American people want,” Sanders said, wrapping up the event. “We are gonna take on the private insurance companies. We are gonna take on the drug companies. The function of health care of in a democratic, civilized society is to provide quality care to all of our people in a cost-effective way, not to make billions of dollars in profits from the drug companies or the insurance companies or golden parachutes of $180 million for some CEO of a drug company.”

“Thank you all very much,” he concluded as the crowd chanted “Bernie!” and he walked offstage.

more in link... http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article80908912.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
May 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders jabs back at Jerry Brown, ‘Democratic establishment’ ~ (HRC GP)

Bernie Sanders on Tuesday jabbed back at Gov. Jerry Brown’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaign, saying he is accustomed to opposition from “the Democratic establishment.”

“I will tell you that in every state that we have gone into, we have taken on the entire Democratic establishment,” Sanders said in response to a question about the Democratic governor’s endorsement. “It’s not surprising to me that, you know, we will have the Democratic establishment supporting Hillary Clinton.”

He added, “I like Jerry Brown, but people can make their own choices.”

One week before California’s June 7 primary, Sanders stopped for reporters in a hotel hallway after leaving a news conference without taking any questions.

When pressed, he said of the event with members of the California Nurses Association, “It was more of a rally, but what’s on your mind?”

Sanders continues to campaign furiously in California, despite Clinton’s near-lock on the nomination. After spending time in the Central Valley in recent days, the Vermont senator said he has not studied controversial proposals to increase pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. He gave a similar response earlier this month.

“Actually, it’s not an issue that I have studied,” Sanders said. “I mean, I think clearly there’s going to have to be more federal, state and local cooperation in a crisis situation.”

more in link... http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article80908912.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
May 31, 2016

Trump Ramps Up Racist Attacks On Judge In Trump University Fraud Case (HRC GP)

Over the course of Barack Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, Republicans have steadily made being blatantly racist wildly popular among far too many Americans. All that pre-production work accomplished was conditioning the nation for a racist like Donald Trump who abandoned the use of Republican’s typical dog whistles and innuendos and went all in portraying non-whites as a plague on America. No group has suffered Trump’s racist assaults more than Hispanics, and the Donald feels emboldened enough to extend his racial attacks on a federal district court judge in California as part of his presidential campaign.

The Wall Street Journal reported that during a campaign stop in California, Trump spent a full 12 minutes of a 58-minute speech on an “extended tirade” focused on the Trump University fraud case. Part and parcel of the racial rant was Trump once again taking particular exception to judge from California, the judge’s race, and that he was appointed by an African American President; it’s not too difficult to discern exactly what his objection really is.

One doesn’t have to think too hard to surmise that Trump’s problem is not necessarily with the Judge from California, his racial heritage, or the sitting President who nominated him; his objection is being challenged for defrauding thousands of Americans. The fact that the Judge is an Hispanic man is just another dog whistle Trump uses to incite his nasty nativist supporters.

The Donald believes, and is ramping up his rhetoric, that because the former federal prosecutor who took on Mexican drug cartels was appointed by President Barack Obama, “might be a Hispanic,” is a “hater,” and “probably is a Mexican” that he is out to get Donald Trump. Worst of all, Trump tells his audience; the California judge “should be ashamed of himself.” Why? For being a Mexican, not obeying “the Donald,” and for being a federal judge? A judge, by the way, who was easily confirmed by a voice vote with no opposition whatsoever, not even from Republicans after being nominated by President Obama.

More in link... http://www.politicususa.com/2016/05/31/trump-ramps-racist-attacks-judge-trump-university-fraud-case.html
May 31, 2016

Trump will give more details about his donations to vets. Here’s what we still don’t know. (HRC GP)

Last week — after intense pressure from the news media — Donald Trump made good on a promise he had made in January. He gave $1 million of his own money to a charity for veterans. (Trump called this reporter "a nasty guy" after I asked him whether my questions had prompted him to finally give the money.)

On Tuesday morning, the day after Memorial Day, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has scheduled a news conference at Trump Tower in New York. He is expected to announce that he had made good on a separate promise to veterans, made at the same time as the $1 million pledge.

Now, he is giving away other people's money.

In January, donors big and small had entrusted funds to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a charity he controls. Trump had promised to act as a middleman and give their money away to veterans charities. All the gifts relate to a Jan. 28 fundraiser that Trump held in Iowa, on a night when he skipped a GOP debate as part of a feud with Fox News, the debate's host.

At Tuesday's news conference, Trump has a chance to clear up several lingering questions about his handling of this money meant for veterans.

This episode began as a demonstration of Trump's patriotism, wealth and organizing savvy.

Now — after weeks of delays, stonewalling, and repeated false statements from Trump and his campaign — it has become a test of the candidate's ability to deliver on a promise.

Which groups are receiving the new gifts?...

continues in link... http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-will-give-more-details-about-his-donations-to-vets-here%E2%80%99s-what-we-still-don%E2%80%99t-know/ar-BBtE61g?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout

Just a liar! ...

May 31, 2016

Republicans Stunned After Trump Reveals That His Presidential Campaign Is Broke (HRC GP)

When Donald Trump told Republicans that his campaign had money, it was a lie. In meeting with Senate Republicans, Trump's campaign privately admitted that they have no money and will not be able to run television ads until after the GOP convention in July.


When Donald Trump told Republicans that his campaign had money, it was a lie. In meeting with Senate Republicans, Trump’s campaign privately admitted that they have no money and will not be able to run television ads until after the GOP convention in July.

The Washington Examiner reported:
Donald Trump’s campaign has alerted Senate Republicans that he won’t have much money to spend fending off attacks from Hillary Clinton over the next couple months.

The notice came when Paul Manafort, Trump’s senior advisor, met with a group of Senate Republican chiefs of staff for lunch last week, sources familiar with the meeting told the Washington Examiner. The admission suggests that Trump will be far more dependent on the GOP brass for money than he has led voters to believe, but it’s consistent with his reliance on the Republican National Committee to provide a ground game in battleground states.

“They know that they’re not going to have enough money to be on TV in June and probably most of July, until they actually accept the nomination and get RNC funds, so they plan to just use earned media to compete on the airwaves,” one GOP source familiar with Manafort’s comments told the Examiner.

Trump is also refusing to use his own money to fund his campaign. In other words, what Donald Trump is telling the voters is completely different from what is happening behind closed doors.

This guy is a HUMAN JOKE!!!
May 30, 2016

May we have a lot to be THANKFUL FOR on THANKSGIVING DAY!

May we be sad to say goodbye to our GREAT PRESIDENT OBAMA
May we laugh and laugh at the NEVER EVER NOT PREZ TRUMP!!!!!

MAY WE BE FULL OF HOPE and JOY! & KINDNESS! and jazz! and Sass!

178 Days till Thanksgiving!

HRC #45

May 30, 2016


Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, / As, to be hated, needs but to be seen,” the poet Alexander Pope wrote, in lines that were once, as they said back in the day, imprinted on the mind of every schoolboy. Pope continued, “Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, / we first endure, then pity, then embrace.” The three-part process by which the gross becomes the taken for granted has been on matchlessly grim view this past week in the ascent of Donald Trump. First merely endured by those in the Republican Party, with pained grimaces and faint bleats of reluctance, bare toleration passed quickly over into blind, partisan allegiance—he’s going to be the nominee, after all, and so is our boy. Then a weird kind of pity arose, directed not so much at him (he supplies his own self-pity) as at his supporters, on the premise that their existence somehow makes him a champion for the dispossessed, although the evidence indicates that his followers are mostly stirred by familiar racial and cultural resentments, of which Trump has been a single-minded spokesperson.

Now for the embrace. One by one, people who had not merely resisted him before but called him by his proper name—who, until a month ago, were determined to oppose a man they rightly described as a con artist and a pathological liar—are suddenly getting on board. Columnists and magazines that a month ago were saying #NeverTrump are now vibrating with the frisson of his audacity, fawning over him or at least thrilling to his rising poll numbers and telling one another, “We can control him.”

No, you can’t. One can argue about whether to call him a fascist or an authoritarian populist or a grotesque joke made in a nightmare shared between Philip K. Dick and Tom Wolfe, but under any label Trump is a declared enemy of the liberal constitutional order of the United States—the order that has made it, in fact, the great and plural country that it already is. He announces his enmity to America by word and action every day. It is articulated in his insistence on the rightness of torture and the acceptable murder of noncombatants. It is self-evident in the threats he makes daily to destroy his political enemies, made only worse by the frivolity and transience of the tone of those threats. He makes his enmity to American values clear when he suggests that the Presidency holds absolute power, through which he will be able to end opposition—whether by questioning the ownership of newspapers or talking about changing libel laws or threatening to take away F.C.C. licenses. To say “Well, he would not really have the power to accomplish that” is to misunderstand the nature of thin-skinned authoritarians in power. They do not arrive in office and discover, as constitutionalists do, that their capabilities are more limited than they imagined. They arrive, and then make their power as large as they can.

And Trump announces his enmity in the choice of his companions. The Murdoch media conglomerate has been ordered to acquiesce; it’s no surprise that it has. But Trump’s other fellow-travellers include Roger Stone, the Republican political operative and dirty-tricks maven, while his venues have included the broadcasts of Alex Jones, a ranting conspiracy theorist who believes in a Globalist plot wherein “an alien force not of this world is attacking humanity”—not to mention Jones’s marketing of the theory that Michelle Obama is a transvestite who murdered Joan Rivers. These are not harmless oddballs Trump is flirting with. This is not the lunatic fringe. These are the lunatics.

continues... http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-dangerous-acceptance-of-donald-trump?mbid=social_facebook
May 30, 2016

Donald Trump Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President or VP in 2008 (HRC GP)


The Donald Trump Republican fable continues to crumble. Buzzfeed uncovered a 2008 blog post written by Trump in which he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president or vice president.
Trump wrote in the March 13, 2008, post, “Hillary Clinton said she’d consider naming Barack Obama as her vice-president when she gets the nomination, but she’s nowhere near a shoo-in.” “For his part, Obama said he’s just focused on winning the nomination, although at least one member of his team said Clinton would make a good vice-president. (I know Hillary, and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president.)”

No wonder Hillary Clinton isn’t backing down from taking on Trump’s penchant for straight up bullsh*t. He is an opportunist who will do and say whatever he thinks is right to get what he wants. No matter how despicable. Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency. His talking points are based on whatever fits his business model and nothing else.

Donald Trump Once Blogged That Hillary Clinton Would Make A Great President

May 30, 2016

Obama Former Speechwriter Jon Favreau Tweets Top 5 Reasons Not to Vote for Trump (HRC GP)



Jon Favreau, President Obama’s former speechwriter, tweeted the top 5 reasons why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. The list included that he profited off 9/11, rooted for the housing crash, and ran a fraudulent university. The list was perfect.


Jon FavreauVerified account
1) Profited off of 9/11
2) Rooted for the housing crash
3) Ran a fraudulent university
4) Sued for tax dodging
5) Is a dick

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