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deepestblue's Journal
deepestblue's Journal
May 16, 2016

Yuge!: Sanders Leading Trump in a Deep South State

Sanders defeats Trump by 5 points in a new Georgia poll (compared to a 4 point Trump lead over HRC).

Other recent polls show...

Sanders defeating Trump by 18 points in North Carolina (compared to a 9 point HRC lead).
Sanders defeating Trump by 21 points in New Hampshire (compared to a 5 point HRC lead).
Sanders defeating Trump by 11 points nationwide (compared to a 6 point HRC lead).

AND REMEMBER THIS - The more people get to know Bernie, the more they like him. He grows on people exponentially with each appearance before them. Despite republican attacks, it would not be surprising to see an upward trajectory in his General Election poll numbers, similar to what happened in the Dem. primaries when the Sanders campaign was under extreme attacks, swiftboat-style and otherwise. For example look at the flurry of wins he is receiving as the democratic campaign winds to a close.

Let's not forget Bernie's support among independents. From a recent NBC news poll:

The Sanders-Clinton gap is particularly huge among registered independents, which Sanders won 52-30 in a Trump matchup, but which Clinton lost 37-39.

If I'm not mistaken, neither candidate is going to the convention with enough votes to win on the first ballot.

As I understand it, the rules will supposedly be that it then goes to a second ballot where the delegates will get to choose the most viable candidate for the fall.

Recent state polls more than hint at a potential utter landslide for a President-Elect Sanders.

From a post in GD-P by coffeeAM:

Clinton is one of the Weakest candidates in modern history, she is gonna be over taken in every GE poll within a month and the super delegates will have no choice but to come to their senses and ride the coat tails of the true progressive movement led by we the people, not we the corporations!

May 15, 2016

Here Comes Bernie and the Locomotive

Locomotive heads thru town during Bernie's speech last night (2nd time in 2 days lol):

Here's the one from Friday:

How interesting that in both cases he is talking bout - you guessed it - workers.

That's Bernie!

May 14, 2016

Let's Get to Work: Ed Shultz Fires Up Bernie Supporters in Fargo

Shultz takes the stage at the 45 second mark.

May 14, 2016

Dem Senate Hopeful Deemed ‘Paul Wellstone of Iowa’


Eschewing out-of-state fundraising trips, Hogg has barnstormed with a popular clean energy and clean water campaign across a state that now leads the nation in wind energy production, and with the goal of changing the gridlock in Washington with a new era of leadership. Along with the “rock solid“ endorsement of 90 current or former legislative colleagues in the state house, Hogg earned the support this month of the Iowa Federation of Labor and AFSCME Iowa Council 61, and has inspired the involvement of new voters and young people.
May 13, 2016

The only member of the MSM to consistently promote Bernie

....is Joe Scarborough. The days of bashing Joe in any way shape or form need to be over for real progressives.

IIRC Joe is a libertarian. By the way, libertarians agree with much of Bernie's agenda.

IIRC he is the ONLY MSM host brave enough to say positive things about Bernie, quite obviously against the wishes of the media overlords.

In a word, he has courage.

His colleagues at that network do not possess the same courage in any degree whatsoever.

For example, yesterday he was marveling at Bernie's recent wins, his momentum and his superior advantage vs. Trump as compared to Bernie's democratic opponent. He has done the same throughout the campaign.

Who else in the media establishment is doing these things?

I'll make the answer easy:

NO ONE!!!!!!!!

Here he is yesterday defending Bernie as usual:

Obviously people can dig up republican votes etc. on this guy, but who cares.

If you fall in to the trap of attacking all republicans just because they are republicans, you are SADLY playing in to the precise hand that the oligarchy expects you to play.

We are in 2016, the future of the country is at stake, and I applaud you on this Joe because I can simply not name a single other host in the MSM who has operated entirely without snark when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

(in other words, nearly EVERYONE else in the MSM is repeating the orders that Sanders is detrimental when it comes to the status quo of wars, oligarchy and corporate welfare).

There may be some exceptions for Fox hosts who aren't all pro-Billary Clinton, but it's few and far between. By the way I'm referring in this post to TV hosts only.
May 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders and the American Flag

I have always admired the American flag.

And now, with Bernie Sanders running, I feel the flag is even more strongly representing the ideals of opportunity for all, freedom for all, and peace on earth.

The flag has been used as a symbol of a war machine, most recently the middle east wars over the last quarter century.

For the good of all (except the .01% corporate militarists), Bernie turns that on its head.

To take it even further, in a real sense, Bernie's approach is a refresh from all the wars that have taken place in our history. His entire outlook and campaign seems to be rooted in Eisenhower's warning about the military industrial complex. I loved Wellstone, and I love Bernie.

May 7, 2016

Bernie at Summer Camp

I think this video from 1987 may have been posted here before, but even if it has
it deserves to be seen by anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

It shows a real look into the soul of this wonderful man.

Especially the part beginning at 2:32 where he helps the youngster with his self-esteem.

May 5, 2016

Bernie and a Baby

New video from 5/4/16 in Kentucky

"That is What This Campaign is About, That Baby." - Bernie Sanders

See the vid below for a great moment between Bernie and a baby.

The video's thumbnail is not applicable to the clip in the video, which was from Bernie's Wednesday rally in Lexington.

May 3, 2016

It's Most Likely Going to Be a Contested Convention!

...This from Bernie Sanders directly.

The last time there was a liberal in the White House was January 20, 1969. Over 47 years ago. Nearly a half of a century. It's time for another one. It's time for Bernie.

Let's ensure it happens!

In Solidarity.

April 12, 2016

Welcome Back, Bernie!

Someone posted this on the primaries board, but it deserves to be seen in the Bernie group too

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