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Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 10:07 PM
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From the Onion

Posting this here and not in GDP because they're super-sensitive today and I don't want to add to that.

Out-Of-Control Hand Gesture Sends Bernie Sanders Tumbling Off Stage


Will I get a hide for this?

Freaking GDP...



Josh Barro: Neighborhoods in NYC where Sanders will win big = neighborhoods where you could open a successful beard wax boutique

Angry repliers ensue.

I mean, sure, if I got my beard waxed and supported the Sanders I might be mildly offended but I like the play on statistics.

Edit: Did I actually just say "the Sanders"? I didn't realize I disliked him that much.

Edit2: Another from him: Bernie does have a point that he's maybe ahead if you only count white voters.


How Hillary supporters attract young people...

...by just being themselves.

I've only posted parts of their posts else this post be too long.


A few months ago, I jumped onto the Bernie train. I had little excitement for Hillary, but Bernie Sanders seemed so exciting and new with great ideas. The same thing happened to me back in 2008. I went from Hillary to Obama. He was my big exciting my-first-time-to-vote revolutionary candidate. It helped that the S4P subreddit kept saying that they would not run negatives. They would keep it only pro-Bernie, not anti-anyone else.

So I come to this sub to see if it's reddit or just S4P and politics. And look! Civilized conversation. Someone comes in and asks questions, they aren't attacked as being a shill or an idiot. They get answers backed up with sources. This sub doesn't demonize Sanders just because he's the current opponent. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I just wanted to thank you, subreddit, for being a decent, reasonable, and optimistic place. Thank you.


Never did I think I would even remotely like Clinton, she was just option #2 to protect against a Republican president. After reading through this subreddit (and other sources of course), however, I find myself identifying MORE strongly with Clinton than I ever have with Sanders. Her vast experience, political savvy, incredible policy knowledge, constant ambition, and actual concrete successes are FAR more inspiring than a far left senator that has had a mediocre career and little success, especially in the crucial aspect of bipartisanship, which he seems to completely disregard. Not to mention her voting record and platform is basically a mirror of Sanders, just far more realistic, makes the thought of her presidency even more appealing.

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