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CrowCityDem's Journal
CrowCityDem's Journal
July 25, 2016

New Poll: Clinton LEADS IN GEORGIA


According to a poll just released, Clinton is leading Trump in Georgia by a single point.

Obviously, one poll only means so much, but it puts the doom and gloom in perspective.
July 14, 2016

Trump can't get it up (his poll numbers, that is)

The poll numbers that have been coming out this week are causing some angst that isn't needed. First, we can't read too much into any one poll. Second, the Q and Rasmussen polls can easily be explained by their over-reliance on white voters that isn't going to be reflected by reality. Adjust their numbers to match the actual demographics, and Hillary is back ahead in the important states. Plus, other polls are showing her leads holding steady, but aren't getting any traction in the media.

The more important thing is that when you look at all of these polls, in total, one thing is clear: Trump is not gaining any support. The entirety of the 'tightening' is voters pulling away from Hillary after her worst week of news in the campaign. When that dies down, and the convention excitement hits, many of those voters will come back, as will a segment of Bernie's voters who have yet to come on board.

What is clear is that Trump right now has a ceiling of 40-42%, and can't do anything to attract more voters. He has a baked-in reputation as a crazy racist, and the number of people who will never consider him is too large for him to ever actually win. Keep in mind, he can win OH, FL, and more and still not win.

Trump's numbers are impotent, and aren't likely to change.

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