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Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards defending HRC to Andrea Mitchell


Isn’t it possible that some women — perhaps younger women, perhaps others — might not respect Hillary Clinton for the way she stood by Bill Clinton?” the MSNBC host suggested. “And according to Donald Trump’s analysis, you know, enabled [Bill Clinton] — whatever that means.

“Absolutely not,” Richards replied. “This is not an issue on anyone’s mind. What women are thinking about is issues that our patients at Planned Parenthood think about. They’re not getting equal pay in this country, there is no access to affordable child care, they need access to health care. There are now 24 states that are trying to end their access to basic birth control and cancer screenings.

“These are the issues that are on the mind of American women,” she pointed out. “And Donald Trump, instead of actually address those, he’s going after this personal attack on Hillary Clinton. It’s absolutely not going work. And it’s not what the American voters want to hear about.”

2 more votes for Hillary

My husband and I just sent in our NJ mail-in ballot – for Hillary. I'm so happy to finally be able to cast my vote!

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

How To Do Bernie Math.


My apologies if this has already been posted. I looked but couldn't find anything.

Watching Morning Joe...

and the coverage difference between Trump and Clinton is a little absurd.

They started off crowing about Trump winning, with a million I-told-you-sos to everyone out there. Trump was said to be "the presumptive nominee", he crushed his competition, etc. They said almost nothing negative (that I can remember).

When they turned to Clinton's victory, they admitted (lol!) that she won...but Joe started talking about Bernie having more of a "real" Democratic platform and he said that HRC will have to concede some things to Bernie if she wants to continue to do well. He said, "that campaign's not over and Hillary Clinton's people need to understand that" Bernie's people are going to keep yelling and screaming...he said that HRC's going to have to give Bernie's people "something significant, because right now she's seen as an interventionist, correctly, she has closer ties to Wall Street than any Republican that's in the race right now, and Bernie Sanders, for millions and millions of Democrats, is a fix to that problem." Then they all talked about what an inspiring campaign he ran, blah blah blah.

Rosario Dawson has gone off the rails again

She said this at a Bernie Sanders rally today:

"Now I'm with Monica Lewinsky with this: Bullying is bad."

link here

How NYC neighborhoods voted

If you're curious:

How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted in the Democratic Primary

On CNN, Rep. Gregory Meeks (Clinton supporter & member of the Congressional Black Caucus)

just said, in response to Tad Devine before him, "People need to look at what was taking place in the `90's. In fact, when I listen to what was just said, some of what I think was insulting to African-Americans...you're saying that African-Americans don't know who or why they voted for individuals. You go back to 1994 or 1996, African-Americans voted for Bill Clinton – 88% of us – are you saying that black people don't know who talks or moves in their best interests? It's almost insulting. To come some 20 years later, I think what they are doing, and what he's trying to do is exploit black people to say either you all did not know what you were doing 20 years ago or..."

Carol Costello interrupted him here, "So you think Bernie Sanders is exploiting African-Americans?"

He responded, "What I'm saying that if, in fact, what they're trying to do is to cherry pick, you know, issues...and a statement that was, I think, clearly that Hillary Clinton has said that she wished she'd used another word. But it's clear, also in the `90's who was doing more...you know if you look at the African-American community, if you look at the wage gap – it was decreasing under Bill Clinton. If you look at the unemployment gap, it was decreasing under Bill Clinton. If you look at the wealth gap, more African-Americans were gaining...if you look at participation in American society as African-Americans in the Clinton administration at that time...more than anybody in history. So I don't hear him talking about that. What he's trying to do is to pick certain things out and to imply that African-Americans were taken advantage of by the Clinton administration. Clearly, that's not the case."

DEJA VU: In Mass. Race, Warren Faced Nearly Identical Likability and Honesty Challenges as Hillary


...the data is eye-opening and indicates that even a woman considered by the liberal base of the Democratic party to be popular, principled, charismatic, likable and honest could – within a space of a year – be painted dishonest and not as likable as her GOP opponent in a deep blue state, let alone the national stage. This, in my mind, suggests we need to be very aware of the challenges faced by women seeking higher office – and how susceptible they are to being portrayed negatively in public.

Bernie fan age-shames Hillary supporters on Twitter

There are so many insulting things in this tweet, I don't even know where to start

Is this a new strategy to drive away the few older supporters Bernie has? Some of the responses are funny.
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