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Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Governments,

Where Punishment Can Mean Death


In Kuwait, the penalty for blasphemy can be as severe as death. That’s why a new campaign to dox young Kuwaiti women with independent minds is so dangerous. A band of Twitter trolls alleging to be from the Middle East spent Sunday and Monday repeatedly reporting “atheist” and pro-LGBT girls and women to the local authorities in places where blasphemy laws allow for punishments as severe as death.

Stories of social media harassment have become increasingly common in recent years, but the consequences of this trolling campaign could be far more serious than most. Twitter users in Kuwait have already spent years in jail for tweets similar to the ones trolls unearthed on Sunday and Monday, as repeated requests to Twitter to ban those doxing young women have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Late Sunday night, Twitter user @old_gaes tweeted a screenshot of one of @Pharaohoe’s tweets from February, which had replaced the word “domain” in a verse from the Quran with a slang word for vagina. “This is the end of another atheist and we should continue exposing every Arab atheist child to their parents who do not know of their atheism,” @old_gaes wrote in Arabic above the tweet.

Primary Night Event with Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn tomorrow night

Just curious to see who will be going. I'm going (with my husband); we're so excited to see her tomorrow night.

I think she's going to make an announcement (hmmm...what could it be???) hah

Anti-Semitic Trump supporters made a giant list of people to target with a racist meme


This week, Mic wrote about (((echoes))), an anti-Semitic punctuation-based code for identifying Jewish people; a name appearing in between parentheses indicates the person is Jewish.

(((echoes))) is also the basis of a Google Chrome extension called “Coincidence Detector,” which automatically placed those parentheses around more than 8,000 names, whenever those names appeared on a webpage viewed in Chrome with the extension active.

The extension’s description in the Chrome store sarcastically explained that its purpose was to “help you detect total coincidences about who has been involved in certain political movements and media empires.”

The narrative about Hillary Clinton's 'enthusiasm gap' silences the political voices of women.


Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of securing the Democratic nomination, making her the first woman ever to be nominated to run for president by any major political party in the United States. Despite a formidable challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton is significantly ahead in delegates, and has more votes than any other candidate in the race from any party – more than 13 million votes in all. Why, then, do journalists and pundits persist in asserting a lack of enthusiasm for Clinton, claiming that she does not inspire?

It would be one thing if the data actually supported this narrative. But polling data belies this enthusiasm gap. For example, a Gallup poll conducted in late March found that 54 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners are enthusiastic about Clinton, compared to 44 percent for Bernie Sanders. There are numerous other examples as well, from young girls awed by Secretary Clinton, to older women hoping to see a woman president in their lifetime, to bereaved mothers, to former staffers telling stories that illustrate why they admire her, to critics explaining how she won them over, to Democratic fathers of young daughters who support her candidacy.

Info on the Protest March on the DNC


I'm not clear on their end goal, since he won't have the requisite delegates.

Re: Chris Matthews taking Jeff Weaver to task yesterday

Apparently some BS supporters took issue with it and are now petitioning to get Chris Matthews fired. Seriously.


Why do Trump campaign people always call him "Mr.Trump"?

His surrogates and spokespeople refer to him that way without fail. Did he write this sign of deference into their contracts? There's something really disturbing about it.

Trump's 'playbooks' offer glimpse of ruthless business practices

Collect personalized information that you can utilize during closing time. (For example: are they a single parent of three children that may need money for food?)

^ a quote from one of the Trump U. 'playbooks' instructing staff on how to target financial weaknesses to sell the courses.


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