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Member since: Tue Apr 5, 2016, 06:54 AM
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Devastating new ad shows Trump campaign’s open racism makes some school kids’ lives hell

An ad from progressive group Move On shows how around the country, nonwhite and Muslim students are getting bullied by racist whites who’ve been emboldened by the unvarnished racism of the Donald Trump campaign.

Titled “Our Kids,” the video shows excerpts from news stories in which black, Muslim and Latino schoolchildren across the U.S. have been threatened and harassed by their white peers.


view it here:

Rob Reiner Tweets: We're sending liars to Mexico

Rob Reiner Verified account
Clearly we're not sending our best to Mexico. We're sending liars. We're sending narcissists. We're sending sociopaths.


Katie McHugh: Racist Breitbart writer's Twitter account

She's currently employed at Breitbart. Rachel Maddow just talked about her.

#PrayForNice to strip all Muslims of French citizenship, deport them all, close the borders to non-Europeans, & reject 'multiculturalism.'

Totally! When I think about America, the first thing that comes to mind is Islam and Third-World Muslims.

American readers look forward to your articles on Latino child rapists and their illegal immigration status.

Her account:
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