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Beautiful? No Experience? You Can Get Hired by Trump by David A. Graham



In a clip unearthed by Mother Jones, the Republican presidential nominee boasts about hiring a possibly underage woman simply because she was attractive.

On Wednesday, Pema Levy of Mother Jones dug up a video that will fuel the flames. It shows Trump at a 2007 appearance in San Francisco. A young woman steps to a microphone and asks how many jets he has and whether she can work on one. “Come on up here,” Trump says. “I think she’s hired.”

As the woman walks to the lectern, the crowd hoots. As she gets near, Trump takes a good long look at her décolletage, then says, “You’re hired.” What happens next is even stranger. He tells a story:

You know, I had a case that was very interesting. A beautiful girl who was 17 or 18 and applied to be a waitress. So beautiful. She's like a world-class beauty—like the young lady who just asked a question about the actress. She's so beautiful. And my people came and she said, "Mr. Trump, she has no experience." So I interviewed her anyway because she was so pretty. And I said, "Let me ask you, do you have any experience?" She goes, "No, sir." I say, "When can you start?"

—snip — more here: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/09/trump-youre-hired/502136/

It gets much worse if you go to the link. He even talks about how dangerous it is for him to hire a beautiful underage girl to work on his plane. He said it's like putting alcohol in front of an alcoholic. AND he said this when he was 2 years into his third marriage (I presume that's Melania, right?).

ETA: I just noticed what GearDaddy posted – it confirms this article, too. It's here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10028196947

Brian Beutler's tweet accurately describes this election...

Brian Beutler ‏@brianbeutler Sep 19
Brian Beutler Retweeted Josh Marshall
We're gonna feel pretty dumb if our weird obsession with State Department email practices leads to ethnic cleansing.


I couldn't agree more...

The latest racist tweet by Donald Trump Jr.

He's a POS.

Donald Trump Jr.Verified account
Europe’s Rape Epidemic: Western Women Will Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Mass Migration http://bit.ly/1hnHM85 via @BreitbartNews


A look into AJ Delgado's Twitter history shows her hypocrisy...

I saw this posted in the comments section of another website (Jezebel), but it demonstrates how unbelievably hypocritical Trump surrogates can be.

BEFORE Trump's Maternity Leave speech with Ivanka:



Kurt Eichenwald's article is up!


If Donald Trump is elected president, will he and his family permanently sever all connections to the Trump Organization, a sprawling business empire that has spread a secretive financial web across the world? Or will Trump instead choose to be the most conflicted president in American history, one whose business interests will constantly jeopardize the security of the United States?

Throughout this campaign, the Trump Organization, which pumps potentially hundreds of millions of dollars into the Trump family’s bank accounts each year, has been largely ignored. As a private enterprise, its businesses, partners and investors are hidden from public view, even though they are the very people who could be enriched by—or will further enrich—Trump and his family if he wins the presidency.

A close examination by Newsweek of the Trump Organization, including confidential interviews with business executives and some of its international partners, reveals an enterprise with deep ties to global financiers, foreign politicians and even criminals, although there is no evidence the Trump Organization has engaged in any illegal activities. It also reveals a web of contractual entanglements that could not be just canceled. If Trump moves into the White House and his family continues to receive any benefit from the company, during or even after his presidency, almost every foreign policy decision he makes will raise serious conflicts of interest and ethical quagmires.

UPDATE: CNN did a segment on Eichenwald's article:

New Jersey GOP Candidate to Daily Beast Reporter: 'Hope You Get Raped By a Syrian Refugee'

A perpetual candidate for a small-time office in New Jersey told Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi Monday on Facebook that he hoped she would get raped “by a Syrian refugee.” The candidate, Mike Krawitz, is now claiming he was “hacked” and didn’t make the comments. Krawitz has been commenting on Nuzzi’s Facebook page since 2014, in an escalating series of curiously-punctuated insults.

Nuzzi, a politics reporter for the Beast, keeps her Facebook page public. Therein lies the seed for some truly wild interactions: Nuzzi also regularly appears on TV, and a certain segment of the populace has seemingly come to see her as a pleasant blonde incarnation of the Lying Biased Liberal Media.

Then there’s Mike Krawitz, who has repeatedly and unsuccessfully run for the township committee in his hometown of West Deptford. According to the West Deptford GOP, he’s running again, when he’s not busy sharing pro-Trump memes or Clinton health conspiracies on his own Facebook page. He’s one of Nuzzi’s regular commenters; his comments are eye-catching because they are invariably insulting, with every word punctuated with a period and every sentence ending in a smiley face.


more: http://theslot.jezebel.com/new-jersey-gop-candidate-to-daily-beast-reporter-hope-1786249036

and here: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/S-Jersey-GOP-candidate-blames-hack-for-rape-comments.html

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