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Tactical Peek

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Apr 25, 2016, 12:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,076

About Me

Formerly TacticalPeek here, dropped out when old DU switched over and my pwd got hootchered.

Journal Archives

Why Donald Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration

A Londoner who self-published a joke book entitled Why Donald Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration has angered supporters of the President-elect — after they discovered it was just blank pages.

David King, 32, came up with the idea after the American election on November 8. At the top of each page is written: “These blank pages speak a thousand words, but feel free to use for notes.”

He told the Standard he believes the 206-page book is “the most accurate and honest account possible” of the Republican’s positive attributes.



Posted by Tactical Peek | Thu Dec 29, 2016, 07:11 PM (17 replies)

House Republicans Propose Rules to Punish Broadcasting, Photography From Chamber Floor

Source: NBC News

by Frank Thorp V

House Republicans have proposed punishing representatives who shoot video or take photos on the floor of the chamber — a change in rules seen as a direct response to a dramatic sit-in in June by House Democrats demanding a vote on gun control legislation that was streamed live online.

The new policy would result in members of Congress being fined up to $2,500 for digital photography, audio or visual recording or broadcasting on the House floor.

"These changes will help ensure that order and decorum are preserved in the House of Representatives so lawmakers can do the people's work," Ashlee Strong, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, said in a statement Monday.

. . . "Bring.It.On.," California Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat who was a leading figure in the June sit-in, tweeted in response to the new proposal.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-republicans-propose-rules-punish-broadcasting-photography-chamber-floor-n700396


They're chicken.

Posted by Tactical Peek | Tue Dec 27, 2016, 03:31 AM (22 replies)

TCM Remembers 2016

Music: Dan Auerbach, Goin' Home

Posted by Tactical Peek | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 01:40 AM (5 replies)

TCM Remembers 2016

Spoiler Alert

Posted by Tactical Peek | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 01:16 AM (1 replies)

Clinton aide Abedin seeks to review Clinton emails search warrant

Source: Reuters

By Nate Raymond

NEW YORK, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Huma Abedin, the longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, asked a U.S. judge on Wednesday to allow her to review a search warrant the FBI used to gain access to emails related to Clinton's private server shortly before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

In a letter filed in Manhattan federal court, Abedin said she was never provided a copy of the warrant, nor was her estranged husband, former Democratic U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, whose computer contained the emails in question.

The letter was filed as a federal judge considers whether to unseal the application for the search warrant, which was obtained after FBI Director James Comey informed Congress of newly discovered emails on Oct. 28.

. . .

U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel had invited affected parties to weigh in on the potential release of the search warrant application, which is being sought by Los Angeles-based lawyer Randol Schoenberg.

Read more: http://news.trust.org/item/20161216003249-c2rdj
Posted by Tactical Peek | Thu Dec 15, 2016, 08:37 PM (3 replies)

Jim Wright of Stonekettle banned from Facebook for criticizing actual, you know, Nazis

"I’ve been banned from Facebook.

My account has been suspended supposedly for violation of community standards.

My profile is still active, you can still access the page and comment on posts that haven’t been deleted by Facebook. But I myself am locked out. I can’t post, comment, or access the Facebook messenger system.

The community standard I violated is apparently the one where you’re not allowed to criticize actual, no fooling, Nazis.

Yes, actual Nazis.

That’s right, I was banned for criticizing an actual Nazi."


Facebook doesn't work right.

FB, Twitter, all of them should hire bookoo more humans because intelligence.

Posted by Tactical Peek | Wed Nov 23, 2016, 02:26 PM (0 replies)

No FBI murder/suicide/emails thingie - just fake news disinfo to manipulate the election

I almost posted this in Latest Breaking News because obviously.

FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Walkerville, MD – An FBI agent believed to be responsible for the latest email leaks “pertinent to the investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State, was found dead in an apparent murder-suicide early Saturday morning, according to police.

Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late Friday night before setting the couple’s home on fire and then turning the gun on himself. Brown was a 12 year veteran of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department before spending the last six years in the FBI.

Neighbors saw smoke coming from the Brown residence and called 9-1-1 at approximately 11:50 p.m. By the time fire crews arrived on scene minutes later, the entire house was engulfed in flames.


But then I couldn't find it at any other source, until I found this.


There is no such thing as the Denver Guardian, despite that Facebook post you saw

Anti-Hillary Clinton “story” is the latest in a wave of fake partisan news flooding Facebook

Posted by Tactical Peek | Sat Nov 5, 2016, 09:44 PM (7 replies)

Washingtonpost.com appears to be down. Any others out?

Might be standard snafu, but I smell a big fat commie rat.


Posted by Tactical Peek | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 01:04 AM (15 replies)

"Melania just plagiarized Trump's second wife Marla Maples."

(((Yair Rosenberg))) Verified account

Melania just plagiarized Trump's second wife Marla Maples. Here's the only Google results for "if you could dream it, you could become it":


Posted by Tactical Peek | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 07:10 PM (1 replies)

POTUS says Trump is "unfit to be commander-in-chief, and he is not equipped to be president"

"The guy that the Republicans nominated - even though a bunch of ’em knew they shouldn’t nominate him - the guy they nominated who many of the Republicans he’s running against said he was a con artist and a know-nothing and wasn’t qualified to hold this office, this guy is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief, and he is not equipped to be president,” Obama continued.

“This should not be a controversial claim! It really shouldn’t!” he said, sounding exasperated. “It’s strange how over time what is crazy gets normalized, and we just kinda assume, ‘Well, he’s said a hundred crazy things, so the hundred-and-first thing we don’t even notice.'"


know-nothing and not equipped

Posted by Tactical Peek | Wed Nov 2, 2016, 05:49 PM (4 replies)
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