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Member since: Mon May 2, 2016, 12:51 PM
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The disturbing thoughts of a Trumper

I may have been mostly at fault here, but I was tired of listening to my coworker rant on and on about illegal immigrants and how millions are flooding over the border. So instead of removing myself from the situation, I decided to start poking at him to try to understand this guy's thought process. Or lack thereof.

Me: "Do you know how expensive it'll be to round up all the illegal immigrants you're talking about? Oh, hey, you know, bullets are cheap."

Him: *just stares for a moment before becoming more enthusastic* "Yeah, yeah they are!"

Me: "So are you going to volunteer for the firing squad or the mass grave detail?"

Him: "Uh. I guess."

Me: "Do you think maybe invading Mexico will stop it?"

Him: "Yeah! We should carpet bomb Mexico, that'll choke it off!"

By the end of it I got him wound up enough to agree that invading and occupying Mexico was a good idea, drop nukes on Mexico City, and build another wall along Mexico's southern border with Guatemala.

Yeah, I admit that was fun for all of maybe ten minutes, because the ugly reality this is the actual thought process of not just this guy but possibly millions of other Americans. And that is fucking terrifying.

I'm considering reporting this guy to management, but he'd know instantly who ratted him out. I'll sit on it for a few weeks, I think.
Posted by cagefreesoylentgreen | Tue Dec 6, 2016, 11:07 AM (7 replies)
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