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Member since: Thu Jun 9, 2016, 05:09 AM
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Posting while drunk


I would like some advice on posting whilst drunk. Have you ever done this and regretted it? Please share?

Recently I made this mistake and regret it like the dog that ate the Xmas turkey. No details, but I would like some tips on how to avoid falling into the trap again. It was only a couple of craft beers and a gin and tonic, but reading the post in clear daylight I could see what I'd done (and me with two philosophy degrees to boot).

Guess I just want a cuddle and someone to tell me that its alright. TBH it was the worst post I've written in 15 yrs of online forums, maybe more. The shame!!




A week go my wife and I were out walking and we saw two brown rats chasing each other in a children's play area. Today I was in a supermarket car park and saw five rats chasing around in the the empty space.

I have never seen this before, not in public places. The thought is obvious: if people were not around how long would it take for the rats to come out? At least they were playing and not dying.

Strange times.


Lockdown wagon


I've decided to give up the booze for the duration of the Corona lock down. This will not be easy as I am a long term regular tippler (57yrs on the juice, 72 yrs old). Somehow, seeing so many people suffering has got to me. I'm also doing some voluntary stuff during the crisis, so that fits as well.

Anyway, 3 days clear so far and I haven't gone that long for years. No ill effects, which is amazing, but I'm expecting cravings and stomach trouble to kick in, as it has before. Thing with booze is there is a switch inside us, a moment when we say yes or no, and it feels like this time the switch has clicked.

Oh, I did do 7 yrs on the wagon after our daughter was born back in the 1980s and it was the same then. I just thought 'No booze with a baby' and that was it.

If anyone has had a similar experience or any words of good advice I'm all ears, but no negatives please. This will a hard call even with a fair wind at my back.

Good thoughts,


A question about philosophy


On an old thread, someone wrote (I think) "An apple is objectively real, but opinions about it are subjective."

This interested me. My question is - Is it possible for an opinion to be true?

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