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Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day

Cambridge, MA is giving $500 a month to needy families.

I'm proud of my city.

"The program is being funded through the American Rescue Plan Act. It makes Cambridge the first city in the country to implement a non-lottery, direct cash assistance program to all eligible families, according to officials. About 2,000 families, or 4% of all households in the city, are expected to be eligible."


Low-sodium chicken pot pies, when you think...

"Oh, it will be easy to turn two round frozen pie crusts into six rectangular ones with tops!" 😱

Jax -- Cinderella Snapped

Disaster: Combine a dog, a mouse, and a sticky trap.

We saw a mouse in the kitchen, so we put a sticky trap on the counter. The dog sleeps in the kitchen. This morning I went downstairs and found my husband sitting on the floor with scissors, trimming the dog.

The mouse had stuck to the trap and run around the kitchen, got pounced on by the dog, and met a messy demise. The kitchen floor sticks to my socks.

He said when he came down, the dog was resting nonchalantly in her bed (stuck to it, so it's garbage) and the mouse was...a sight I'm glad he cleaned up before I arrived.

We have the GooGone out. At least we got rid of the mouse.

You don't have to put on the red light

I made this cauliflower-crust pizza today, and it will be better next time.

I should have baked the crust longer to dry it out, but I was afraid I'd burn it. It's not a pizza you can pick up and eat with your hands.

It's low-sodium (only the cheese has some) so it's loaded with Penzeys Italian herbs and pepper.

Today our monthly phone bill went down over $100 a month.

We sat down with a Comcast guy and switched our cell phones from Verizon to Xfinity, which already had our internet, TV, and landline. We're also getting a big refund for some old equipment we had turned in but were still paying for without realizing it.

Not only am I not affiliated with either company except as a customer, I don't know what the hell it all means and my husband had to drag me kicking and screaming to the appointment. I said I'd rather go to the dentist.

Luckily, he prevailed over my fear of change. I can be stubborn.

I was given these flowers on Valentine's Day.

Seventeen days and counting. (I did remove two dried roses a few days ago.) Haven't they lasted a long time!

Vacation idea: Ride the world's longest train.

My friend, a widow in her 50's, just did this. I would love to visit Morocco and Mauritania but I'm not going to sit on top of an iron ore car for 400 miles and camp out with camels; I'm too old now. This is very cool though.


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