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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,678

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OMG! Her emails!

I just checked and thatís the subject of Foxís top online story. Yep, we really need to protect the country from those emails. Somebody could get a hangnail.

So. You prayed, and she died anyway.

Today my extended Southern Baptist family mourns the death of a 76-year-old cousin I may have met once but donít remember. For a month, the prayer chains have rattled across my Facebook feed faster than I could delete and hide. God can work a miracle! God heeds prayer! Iím praying! Weíre all praying! Prayers going up! Prayers! Prayers!

And, she died. Because God wanted to bring her home. God saw that sheíd suffered enough. She is reunited with her loved ones. She is happy at the right hand of the Lord.

But if she had recovered, it would have been proof that prayer works.

How did so many people become such idiots?

A year later, still so powerful. I Cant Keep Quiet.

Hello from the runway at the Atlanta airport.

Major power outage, no planes going in or out. Good thing I have a power outlet at my seat, and some food, and a nice seatmate. This is going to take a while. I donít think Iíve ever spent the right on a runway.

Trump Won Fair and Square!

This was on a huge sign held by a middle-aged white man today at the side of Route 2 west out of Boston. My best guess is that a nearby mental health facility is missing an inmate.

Anyone else here seeing Hillary in Boston on Tuesday?

I can't wait. Ticket includes a copy of her book, which I already have, so I'll give it to a friend.

Who's down with RBG!

My book came! I can't wait to work out like a Supreme Court Justice!

I have an unwanted superpower.

Invisibility comes upon me when I'm not expecting it. I'll stand in an order line only to have the server look behind me and ask the next person what they want.

Yesterday I went into the dog groomer's to ask about making an appointment for my dog. A couple brought their dog in behind me. The clerk looked right through me and asked the couple if she could help them. I blurted out YES YOU CAN, and she didn't even seem to know where the voice was coming from.

This great but unpredictable talent of invisibility comes to people over 70 like me. I'm sure it starts forming earlier and goes unappreciated for a while.

How not to make oatmeal cookies.

I haven't made cookies in years so I found a recipe for 24, on my phone, and clicked to adjust the recipe to 12 cookies. In the middle of adding ingredients, the phone page reloaded when I wasn't looking, and reverted to the recipe for 24 cookies. I added twice the flour and then realized what had happened. So I had to make 24 cookies after all, by upping the other ingredients. But I must have misremembered which things I needed to double. The cookies are edible, but they're more like oat cakes and they taste ok but just...blah. This wouldn't have happened with an old-fashioned paper recipe! Lol

My second favorite "Imagine there's no heaven" song

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