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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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I saw the President in NH today

and it was a wonderful experience. The whole thing...parking half a mile away, lining up, going through security...was fun. I had a wristband to stand on the floor, but wisely took the front-row seat I spotted instead. I was directly across from the podium.

I didn't know we were going to be treated to a Ken Burns speech, and honored with speeches from Gabby Giffords and Mike Kelly. Maggie Hassan got a very enthusiastic welcome, as did several other NH candidates for office.

Although I've seen President Obama speak on TV many times of course, it was almost a spiritual experience to see and hear him in person, joking about Trump's twitter being taken away (while making his point about the nuclear codes) and reminding us --Don't boo --VOTE! His sincere praise of Hillary drew the biggest cheers.

Even the parking lot jam and traffic afterwards and the long drive home were worth it. It was a good day.

What do the President and Bob Dylan have in common?

ME! Twelve years ago I went to a Bob Dylan concert at UNH in Durham NH. Monday I plan to see President Obama in that very same place. A vivid memory from the first event was that the star did not look up, not once, to acknowledge he knew there was an audience. (I still love him though.) I expect a very different experience on Monday!

Did everyone but me know Drumpf wears glasses?

On his Twitter feed is a photo of him sitting on his plane watching his wife's speech on TV. A zoom-in shows his glasses. They can't be just reading glasses, given how far away the TV is. This explains his squinty eyes in public -- he can't see, or his contacts bother him.
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