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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Sometimes it's easier to sell stuff than give it away.

I belong to a few local yard sale and everything-is-free FB groups (trying to declutter). I posted a free Yamaha drum machine; no foot pedal but that could be replaced. A person was very interested but couldn't come until the next day.

Next day came and went, and when I told her I was moving to the next person, she sent me a picture of a hospital room. Hold it another day, my boyfriend was admitted! I said ok, but I was leaving town for two days and would leave it on the porch. Thank you! I'll get it tomorrow for sure!

Got back from trip, it's still there. I offered it to the next person. I saw the indicator that she had read the message, but no reply. I decided to just keep it for the yard sale my hubby is threatening to give in August, to clear the basement.

Two days later she asks if it's still available. I said no I'm sorry.

Thanks, Volkswagen.

I had seen the commercial and thought, "How sad, another sellout." Then yesterday I gave a ride to my granddaughter's 14-year-old friend. He sat in the front seat beside me and started whispering a tune to himself... "Hello darkness my old friend..."

Me: Oh! Are you a Simon and Garfunkel fan?
Him: Whuut?
Me: The song! Sound of Silence! It's their song.
Him: Um...ok, no, I heard a commercial...
Me: Here, I'll tell Siri to play it, it's on my phone.

So we listened to Simon and Garfunkel. And I smiled and held back a tear.

Another day, another fraudulent credit card bill to clear up.

Somebody in Montclair, CA made four purchases using my actual physical credit card (a fake), one I didn't remember I had, for a total of $803. It was a store card I probably opened at the mall one day to get a discount.

A phone call cleared it up on my end, I won't be charged. Interestingly, he said it's good that they had created a card with the account number; otherwise it would mean they had some other ID info like SSN etc. Once that card number was frozen, it was useless.

He said they do sometimes trace purchases back to a person. I'll bet it's a low percentage.


That's what the pretty red-white-and-blue signs say here at the Boston fundraiser that is starting to get crowded. I decided to grab one of the few chairs in the back and not try to see anything until something happens.

I went to a Warren gathering and now a Biden one. I hope a few more candidates come my way.

OMG a waiter with a tray of hors d'oeuvres just found me. I didn't know there would be food.
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