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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,773

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TSA inspected my checked bag and left their usual "we did it" card,

which I don't really mind, but they OPENED a sealed jar of fig preserves I was planning to save for a while. It's probably my imagination, but the level in the jar looks a little lower too. Maybe they tested it for contraband or something.

I ate some and it seems OK. Those figs were from a special tree in my mom's back yard; I wasn't throwing it out.

(I've brought home many jars of figs with no problem.)

Red Sox 15, Yankees 3 in the 6th!

Sounds like a football score.

The Yankees could close that gap in the blink of an eye. Hope not. Go Sox!

Yesterday I told over 2,000 people my opinion of our so-called President.

Only 30 people finished behind me in a 5K race with 2224 finishers, but that's not bad for an old woman with replaced hips, shoulder, and knee, and I beat my previous time.

I didn't plan it until I saw the finish line and the cameras. As I crossed and my name was announced, I threw my arms in the air and yelled FUCK TRUMP!

It got the reception I was hoping for, from the mostly young crowd. I basked in the applause. 😄

Sometimes it's easier to sell stuff than give it away.

I belong to a few local yard sale and everything-is-free FB groups (trying to declutter). I posted a free Yamaha drum machine; no foot pedal but that could be replaced. A person was very interested but couldn't come until the next day.

Next day came and went, and when I told her I was moving to the next person, she sent me a picture of a hospital room. Hold it another day, my boyfriend was admitted! I said ok, but I was leaving town for two days and would leave it on the porch. Thank you! I'll get it tomorrow for sure!

Got back from trip, it's still there. I offered it to the next person. I saw the indicator that she had read the message, but no reply. I decided to just keep it for the yard sale my hubby is threatening to give in August, to clear the basement.

Two days later she asks if it's still available. I said no I'm sorry.
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