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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
Number of posts: 2,773

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Such insights to be gained from Limbaugh fans FB comments!

"Pretty sure the reason why the Trump legal team made that announcement is so they can call her in as an expert witness to what has been uncovered. She could not be called upon as a witness if she is on the team."

Posted just 15 hours ago. 😜

I was gifted a $40 can of Australian abalone.

Google tells me this is sea snails. Before I donate it to the food pantry, is there some way of eating it that I might want to try?

What I did on my birthday today.

I cranked up "76 Trombones" a few times since I'm 76.

I talked to some of my descendants around the globe. I have 4 kids, 11 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. Not all of them are smart -- a couple voted wrong. We didn't talk of it today.

I made salsa with the garden tomatoes. Had cake and gifts with a small family group.

I checked Covid numbers and news headlines and visited DU frequently.

Overall, I had the feeling today that I'd gotten my real present on November 3. It was a happy day.

Giving away spider plants on Facebook, such fun!

Now that we've had to bring in all the green tomatoes for ripening on the cold porch, and that takes up a LOT of room, I'm giving away spider babies on the two "Buy Nothing" Facebook groups I'm in.

People really, really want plants nowadays. I've seen some offers get 50 replies! I shut my offer down when I've got enough takers; I don't have time or enthusiasm for doing a raffle.

I think some lucky person is going to get a big mother (!) spider plant. I always look at the poster's info since I'm not sending my babies to any MAGA house! Luckily those are rare in my Cambridge neighborhood.

L. Graham's $500,000 gift to 45's legal fees makes me sick.

He begged for money on TV, people gave, he won, and instead of looking around his state and giving to agencies that are helping people cope with Covid-related job losses and putting food on the table for their families, he throws a fortune down a bottomless pit of futility.

I'm loving The Conners, Season 3. (Minor spoiler)

Laurie Metcalf rocking the silver-gray hair is a hoot! I stopped dyeing my hair when I turned 70 and it's just a washed-out brown six years later.

We are rehoming our Russian tortoise and I am sad.

We bought it seven years ago as a birthday present for our granddaughter, but it's always lived at our house. She is 15 now, and lost interest in Shelly years ago.

Petsmart is going to take him back, and find him a new home. Maybe he will get to meet more of his own kind! I'm happy for him, but I will miss the daily routine of feeding him and fixing his lights and all. I'll be glad to reclaim the space in my dining room.

I keep humming this song today.


If I weren't an atheist, I'd think Ruth and God be like...

There, in a hospital room, the facade crumbles and the ugly truth is bared.

Tonight there are doctors and nurses bustling about the room of a fat old man with thin stringy hair, splotchy skin, a scowling mouth, and puffy eye slits.

No fancy comb-over, no spray tan, no super-long tie to hide his gut. A hospital gown that barely covers his ass, maybe. Hooked up to IV's and monitors.

Just an evil fool who thought he was more than he was.

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