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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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I just got an Amber Alert for a missing cat. Not kidding.

On my landline, which we keep for junk calls that go to voice mail. A woman described the cat and gave the street it's missing from, over a mile away from us. She gave an opt-out (press 2 to be on the do-not-call list) but I NEVER press a button.

She gave the website, lostmykitty dot com. I took a look. They put "Amber Alert" in quotes but that doesn't make it ok.

This is misuse of an important phrase IMO. And who TF thinks it's ok to call everybody in town for a missing cat?

Corelle can shatter if a can of beans drops on it from a height of two feet.

The plate covering my big, beautiful salad is now part of the salad, looking like pretty shards of cheese. The whole fucking plate. In the bowl, along with the can of beans.

This is not good.

I just cut my husband's hair for the second time.

He's getting really picky--he wants the sides to match. I told him I didn't poke his eye out with the scissors so it was a success.

Today my mother turns 97.

It's the first time in ages that I'm not in Baton Rouge for it (at 75, I'm not getting on a plane now), but my two sisters are there. Also, we are incredibly lucky because Mom has a fantastic 86-year-old husband who takes care of her in their own home.

My sister just told me that Mom said (in her limited post-stroke vocabulary), "Why did the Lord leave me down here? I'm ready to go. I want to see Jan (her deceased daughter) and the rest of them." Mom is the last of 14 siblings who grew up in rural Mississippi.

As an atheist, I stopped discussing religion with Mom long ago. I hope her life ends peacefully. That's all we can wish for anybody.
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