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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
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Petition demanding Trump to release tax returns reaches a million

Please click if you have not signed!


Why does Rasmussen Poll go UP when Trump is in crisis (9 points higher than average of other polls?

Has Rasmussen been bought?

If you average all the other Trump approval polls on RCP, you find that they are at around 44%, 9 points lower than Rasmussen.

Why does Trump get MORE support with Rasmussen (up 1 to 53%) when he faces his biggest crisis and everything he does turns to sh**?


Why does Rasmussen show "country in right direction" at between 45% and 47% since Trump's inauguration? That is higher than at any time under Obama? It is hard to believe that with Trump as the so-called President almost half the nation think we are now heading in the right direction.

Can anyone explain this?

BREAKING NEWS: President Putin has accepted General Flynn's resignation! And other great Tweets!








What will Trump's approval rating be on his 100th day? Make your predictions!

Everything he touches turns to sh""! He is pursuing a far-right trajectory that is unpopular outside his hard core base. Millions are protesting. The Russia influence story is now a crisis. The courts are against him! The media have now tasted blood! And this is only 24 days in!

He is currently at 44.3% average approval, according to Real Clear Politics. Predict Trump's approval rating on Day 100!

If Flynn is being blackmailed, it is a dead certainty that Trump is too, and why Trump is going down

Okay, we've already seen the dossier showing how Trump was compromised.

Even before that dossier became public, everything suggested that Trump was owned by the Russians - "a lot of money pouring in from Russia," according to Donald Trump Jr, because he is blacklisted by North American banks. Trump team meddling in the RNC with the Republican stance on Ukraine to favor Putin, Paul Manafort, previously advisor to Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine's former president and pro-Putin, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, straight from heading Exxon to unlock sanctions on 60 million acres of Exxon land in Russia, etc., combined with Trump's praise for Putin while running down everything American, and knowing how unscrupulous Trump is in his business and in his public life, all point to Trump being a useful tool for Putin in exchange for a lot of money and a job that would satisfy his ego.

Everything fits. Now we are now learning that there is evidence Flynn is compromised.

Here's the question I ask: What are the chances that all this evidence that points to Trump being compromised by the Russians is all coincidence? It is coincidence he is so pro-Putin, has money pouring in from Russia to keep his business afloat, hired the Exxon CEO who is wholly unqualified to be Secretary of State, Paul Manafort, the dossier, etc, - what are the chances that all of that is just coincidence, and in addition it is also coincidence that his national security adviser just happens to be compromised by the Russians? It is so unlikely that you have to conclude that if Flynn is compromised, so is Trump.

If this is the end of Flynn, Trump is going down too, because, although conjecture may not be enough, the evidence is there and it will be found. The spy who was named as the source for the dossier has already been assassinated. This shows that the dark forces involved will stop at nothing, but there are also thousands of journalists and Western agents who will not stop until Trump is out.

UK Newspaper Front Pages: Racist Trump Banned From Speaking in Parliament.




Trump: all the bad polling is fake news!


40% of voters want Trump impeached. 52% would rather Obama was president.

After 2 Weeks, Voters Yearn For Obama

Less than 2 weeks into Donald Trump's tenure as President, 40% of voters already want to impeach him. That's up from 35% of voters who wanted to impeach him a week ago. Only 48% of voters say that they would be opposed to Trump's impeachment.

Beyond a significant percentage of voters already thinking that Trump should be removed from office, it hasn't taken long for voters to miss the good old days of Barack Obama...52% say they'd rather Obama was President, to only 43% who are glad Trump is.


Proof that Trump's immigration policy is not working.


But Trump is still here!

Anonymous issues global call to action against the Trump regime

This is an open call to establish travel bans on United States citizens, boycott US made products, divest of US or Trump related business interests, and apply sanctions on the Trump regime and all of its associates. Until the danger the United States today possesses against the world is resolved. Reciprocity measures must be enacted against the United States to challenge its shameless actions under the Trump regime. Global response must also come in the form of economic sanctions on products directly associated with the Trump corporate brand.

As citizens of the world we must unite against tyranny wherever it emerges and challenge it. As Trump reveals himself to be a danger not just for the US but the rest of the international community it is our right to protect and defend ourselves from the madness of rogue entity with no regard for international law, human rights, or common decency.

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