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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
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Name ONE thing that Trump has done right since becoming president.

Democrats, Independents and Republicans are welcome to answer this question.

Name one thing that Trump has done right since becoming president.

If I get enough answers, I would like to write his list of achievements as president!

Rasmussen - Trump support down 6% in 10 days - fell below 50% first time last Wednesday - now 47%


Our nation is being destroyed from within. Where is the outrage?

Science, the environment, education, healthcare coverage is being taken away. The human suffering is going to be intense as all these billionaires connected to Trump make a killing from massive tax cuts and oil drilling.

Every government department is being dismantled bit by bit. We have a fascist in the White House who has lied time and time gain, even to his own base, surrounded by a cabinet that benefits from his ties to Russia.

One question - Where is the chorus of outrage from Democratic lawmakers?

Hacked texts from Paul Manafort's DAUGHTER claim he knowingly played a role in Mass Killings

Text messages allegedly hacked from Paul Manafort's daughter's phone are believed to point to the possible influence he had over the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych at the time of the mass killings by Ukrainian police in Kiev in 2014.

Ukrainian lawyer Eugenia Zakrevska, who is representing some of the Kiev victims, called on prosecutors on Thursday to investigate whether the text message were authentic. Manafort resigned as Trump's campaign chairman back in August following allegations he received more than $12 million in illegal cash from the ex-Ukrainian president to influence U.S. policy.

In one text exchange from March 2015, Andrea Manafort seems to suggest to her sister Jessica that their father may have had a hand in the killings that killed dozens of protesters. The text messages were among 300,000 published by a hacker website last month claiming to have been taken from Andrea's phone, according to Politico.

'Don't fool yourself... That money we have is blood money,' she wrote. 'You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly Remember when there were all those deaths taking place. A while back. About a year ago. Revolts and what not. Do you know whose strategy that was to cause that, to send those people out and get them slaughtered.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4303972/Ukrainian-lawyer-probe-Paul-Manafort-hacked-messages.html#ixzz4b1ybwYCc

Sanders on Front Page of The Guardian: Trump is a Pathological Liar


007 in jeopardy. Screenwriter says Trump is the real life James Bond villain.

"I'm just not sure how you would go about writing a James Bond film now," Wade (Bond writer) said. "Each time, you've got to say something about Bond's place in the world, which is Britain's place in the world. But things are moving so quickly now, that becomes tricky. With people like Trump, the Bond villain has become a reality. So when they do another one, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that the world has become a fantasy."


Bush ethics lawyer: Trump's Russia scandal so far is "much worse" than the early stages of Watergate

Richard Painter
The facts now in this investigation are much worse than the facts in the early stages of Watergate, which was a simple break-in ordered by midlevel campaign officials ó not by the president. Here we have facts that are much worse: We have a foreign power that has orchestrated a break-in. Itís a much worse situation than the outset of Watergate.

Tara Golshan
What have you made of the White Houseís response to this? You were the ethics lawyer under the Bush administration ó are they following the guidance you would have given in this situation?

Richard Painter
I donít see much of a response. They are blowing it off. Itís very clear President Trump needs to immediately find out who in his campaign had any communications with the Russians about anything. Find out what those communications were to the best of his ability and find out who in the administration knew what the Russians were doing. He needs to support a thorough inquiry, not a cover-up ó that is the mistake Nixon made with Watergate.

Their public comments have been atrocious so far. They keep accusing CNN of fake news; then the spokesperson for the Kremlin accuses CNN of fake news. What we are seeing is the White House putting themselves on the same page as the Kremlin, when they [the Russians] have been spying on the United States and attacked our democratic system in 2016. That is a terrible posture they are in.



Remember the woman with cancer who was a Victim of Immigration and Customs Enforcement?


VOICE (VICTIMS OF IMMIGRATION and CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT) need a website to counter what Trump is doing, to show the truth, that immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, are less likely to commit violent crimes than other groups of people. They need a place to show their contribution to society and to show how their families are being broken up. We need to show that Trump is only interested in stirring up fear and hatred to fulfill a racist agenda. Is there is anyone with the skills and the time to take on this project?
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