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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,696

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With equal to 167,000 US Covid deaths, adjusted for population, UK's Boris Johnson has 55% approval

Proving you don't have to be an American to be a dumbass!


With states reopening, under Trump's leadership, daily cases in USA jump 50%

Egged on by the idiot in the Whitehouse, as states reopened this week and millions of people followed his example of ignoring social distancing and mask-wearing, new daily cases in USA went from 18,000 on Monday to over 27,000 on Thursday.


Fox News Hypocrisy over Trump's Covid-19 response, compared to Ebola.

See how they held the black president to a completely different standard to the orange fake president.

USA: Lowest number of new daily cases for six weeks. What does this mean?

Is this a trend?

Is the spread of the virus now under control?

Will cases increase with the reopening of many states?


UK has made no progress in reducing the number of new cases for a whole month.

Unlike most other nations who see a peak, followed by a decline in new cases, the UK has made no progress. That's the result of having an idiot in charge, ignoring the pandemic for months and a lack of testing (sounds familiar?). Now the UK is reopening and people are expected to go back to work.


For the first time, I really think we are looking at a minimum of quarter-a-million deaths.

I'm in Atlanta. Roads are really busy. Not seen so much traffic for months. It is like stay-at-home is over. It is as though life is suddenly back to how it was. I know there are still a lot of businesses closed, but as I look at how crowded the streets are, I feel very depressed about the spread of this virus.

America doesn't have enough tests. There's little in the way of contact tracing. The numbers are still too high and have not peaked. People have mixed messages about personal protection and distancing. This isn't the way to reopen the economy. It is the worst possible way.

I don't see how it is possible that we aren't going to see a massive surge in infections and that this isn't going to keep on spreading for a long time to come. I'm not just talking about Georgia. I fear that what we have seen so far has been just the beginning. Hope that it will turn out okay isn't science. We know how insidious this virus is, and yet lawmakers have chosen a route that is going to get a lot of us killed. This is grim and it is about to get a whole lot worse.

The shape of things to come! The perfect social distancing car, designed in the 1980s.





Chlorine is a chemical found in bleach that inhibits bacterial growth in water. This has led some to believe that it is a suitable treatment for Covid-19, which is not a bacteria, but a virus.
President Trump, for example believes that the warning on household bleach that states “not for internal use,” means that bleach should not be used indoors. He has proposed a series of bleach injections to combat Covid-19. This is because he is smarter than the scientists and “only he can fix it.”

President Trump has previously exhibited world-class expertise in the area of using bleach. For example, in 2016 he said of his political rival, Hillary Clinton, “She bleached hundreds of thousands of emails.” He demonstrated a solid understanding of how to forensically remove unwanted emails using bleach. This extraordinary knowledge has given Trump a deep understanding of how bleach can combat a pandemic.

However, chlorine poisoning can occur when bleach is taken internally. The effect of bleach on mucosal surfaces inside the body, including the water in the digestive tract, can lead to a build-up of hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid, and this can be life-threatening.

The side effects of injecting bleach into the body include:

• Skin discolorization (typically orange).
• Chronic Vanity Syndrome.
• Obsessive Hair Combover Disorder.
• Toxic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
• Delusions (a perception of living in a reality TV show).
• Paranoia (distrust in all others, especially minorities).
• An obsession with ratings.
• Pathological lying.


If you see somebody exhibiting these symptoms, follow the guidance provided by President Trump and apply this three-step treatment.

Step One
• Take a one-gallon bottle of household bleach, remove cap (MAGA cap can be left in place).

Step Two
• Shove it up his ass.

Step Three
• Leave in position overnight.

Repeat treatment each day until all symptoms have been relieved.

Wanted: Smart person on DU who can explain these figures showing dramatic drop of Georgia new cases

I've been over an hour trying to figure this out. Here (see first bar chart on link below) on the Georgia Department of Public Health, the latest daily cases numbers have dropped dramatically. It is as if Brian Kemp has found the Covid cure.

Recent numbers are:

523 new cases four days ago
345 new cases three days ago
70 new cases two days ago
30 new cases yesterday (Thursday)


However, what confuses me is the AJC (first bar chart in link below) that doesn't show this drop at all and the latest figure is 781 for Thursday (compared to 30 above). Can anyone explain it?


Spain, Italy and Germany all have their lowest number of daily cases for five weeks or more.

Spain: lowest daily cases since March 14th


Italy: lowest daily cases since March 10th


Germany: lowest daily cases since March 15th


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