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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,696

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How many people will this kill?

This is just one stupid decision out of thousands of stupid decisions made by Republican lawmakers.


Latest poll has Biden 9 points ahead in Arizona. Trump won by 3.5% in 2016.


"Saluting the heroes of the coronavirus." Each and everyone of them should lose their jobs.


Spain seems to have peaked. It may be a halfway into a two-month curve.

Take a look at Spain.

Four days in a row have seen falling cases.

Three days in a row have seen falling deaths.

Look at the curve of active cases in particular. It looks like they have reached the top of the curve. It took a month to get there and may take a month to get back to low, controllable numbers.


What is there to stop the spread of the virus after the lockdown is lifted?

The spread of the virus will peak, then the number of cases will fall, and this is all being achieved by shutting down businesses and social distancing, plus testing is playing a limited role in containment.

My question is what is to stop the spread from taking off again once the official cases are back into the hundreds and we lift restrictions? Churches can recongregate, but it only takes one infected person to spread it to dozens, who will then spread it to others. Same for schools, sports stadiums, theaters, restaurants, places of work.

What strategy, if any, will be in place to prevent us simply going back to where we were a few months ago and seeing infections rapidly spread through communities and across the country once again?

40% of all new cases worldwide are in USA. 26% of total cases to date are in USA.

This is based on current figures, and the trend is that USA is increasingly the coronavirus capital.

Total cases:
Worldwide: 1,201,443
USA: 311,357 (26%)

Total new cases today:
Worldwide: 84,781
USA: 34,196 (40%)


This is desperation - The only way Trump can take the lead on an opinion poll!

I saw an ad for a poll, while on DU. I clicked on it, and it took me to a Trump website page with these poll questions that show how utterly desperate and pathetic Trump is:

Who do you think would win in a debate?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on the economy?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on immigration?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who do you think is more equipped to debate on healthcare?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

Who would you vote for if the 2020 Election were today?
-President Trump
-Crazy Bernie Sanders
-Sleepy Joe Biden

If you were president what would you do to get the spread of the virus under control?

The current strategy isn't working. The numbers are going to keep increasing. The bodies are going to pile up. We don't have a clue when it is going to end, or even reach a peak.

How do we know that thousands a day won't be dying in three month, or six months or even a year? Are we going to keep much of the economy shut down? How many lives will be lost or ruined? We haven't a clue. All we know is the figures are only going in the wrong direction and we have lost the window that China and South Korea used to bring it under control.

Imagine you were president. What would you do to save lives, save the economy and maybe save America? I have my own ideas, but I am interested in what you would do.

I am ready to do my bit and help Donald Trump.

What will be left of our nation by the time Trump has squandered it with his bigoted, science-denying agenda? Not a lot.

The America that we once knew will be in ruins. It will need to be rebuilt. Everything we knew will have to be remade from scratch to restore the values that we as a nation held dear and the respect we commanded around the world.

I am therefore happy to help Donald Trump at his time of need by offering him a new slogan that will appeal to even his most dim-witted supporters.


Has anyone else received their "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines" through the mail?

What it doesn't say -

It doesn't say keep 6' away from others in public places.

It doesn't say stop your kids gathering in groups of 10 people.

It doesn't say keep your kids home (unless they are sick).

It offers no advice if you are sick, other than stay home

Some of the writing is so small, and in white italics, I had to put two pairs of glasses on.

This administration can't do anything without fucking it up. These admissions will cost more lives.

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