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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
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I feel heartbroken. My heart sinks on the death of Herman Cain.

Knowing that this man died after being exposed to a deadly virus that we were all aware of and he did not take adequate self-protection measures. What breaks my heart is that this will not make the slightest bit of difference to Trump and his enablers.

It should be a wake up call to the president. He should feel some empathy for Cain's family., He should care that a colleague died. He should act like a human being and learn from it and see that masks and distancing are important. But Trump will just brush it off and carry on along his reckless path that will directly result in many more tens of thousands dying. That breaks my heart, that this is our leadership in America today.

Trump quits Fox News after network shows him trailing Joe Biden in polls.

President Donald Trump said he’s done with Fox News after the network on Sunday showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in the polls.

Trump claimed he was leading in “real polls” but did not cite any.


Why isn't there loud, unified condemnation of Trump's cavalier approach to people's lives?

This pandemic could be controlled by modifying people's behavior, but Trump is hell bent on encouraging people to spread the virus.

Free trips to Florida to help the Trump campaign, rallies with no social distancing and barely any masks, the mocking of those who do wear masks, the downplaying of the danger of this virus, the banning of Dr Fauci from interviews, using masks as part of a culture war -- we need clear messaging that this is unacceptable and Trump's actions are killing more Americans.

Why isn't there a coordinated attack against Trump over this by every single Democratic lawmaker? He's acting this way and still has over 40% support. It has become an acceptable norm to too many ill-informed Americans. Shouldn't Democratic lawmakers collectively speak out? Shouldn't they organize themselves to make Trump's reckless behavior be the number one story? This isn't a time to be passive.

Every day Trump is killing more Americans. Sorry, but Benghazi had ten investigations over four deaths and was used to hammer Hillary Clinton and Obama, but every day Trump gets away with his shit that is killing us. I'm not even asking for an investigation. I just want Trump to be held to account by every lawmaker in the land who is as horrified at what he is doing as people are around the world who compare his stupidity and our out-of-control virus cases to their own.

Stop taking a pea-shooter to a gunfight. We can't simply wait for the American people to decide. Trump may steal the election and too many people will die in the meantime. We need to fight as if we are Republicans.

Would you support an international effort to save America?

The world must be looking at America, thinking what the hell went wrong, and how much worse could it get?

Whereas other nations see a curve of new Covid cases, in America it is out of control. We have an anti-science president who doesn't take it seriously at all, and has bungled it at every step. Infection is so rife, we are banned from traveling to many other nations.

Then we have the danger posed by a president who has proven he is unstable in his dealings with other nations. He has shown his authoritarian leanings, his disregard for human rights, and now he looks set to try to steal the election. If Trump succeeds, God help not only America, but every life on the planet.

What, if anything, should other nations do? Should they mind their own business or should they work together to try to save America?

How your IQ determines if you are likely to wear a mask.

IQ and support for masks, Trump and Biden.

130 and above: Very superior IQ - wear masks, hardly any support for Trump.

110–129: High average to high IQ - this group understands the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing. Likely supports Biden. Understands Trump is unfit to be president.

90–109: Average IQ - A mixed bag of Trump and Biden support, depending on level of racism, mostly favoring Biden. Those who are racist and support Trump, less likely to wear masks or care if they spread the virus.

80–89: Low Average IQ - Likely support Trump - believe masks are being used to take away their freedom. Think Coronavirus is like the flu. Trust Trump.

70–79: Borderline - Likely support Trump but have little knowledge of him. Don't understand the need for masks.

69 and below: Extremely Low IQ - have masks put on for them by a caretaker.

Would it be so humiliating at this point for Trump to wear a mask that he would rather resign?

Like a childish bully, he's mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask. He's said it makes Biden look weak. He's ordered female reporters to remove their masks. He's suggested people that wear masks do so to protest against him. He has tried to include mask-wearing in a culture war about freedom and about opening the economy. He has inspired crazies around the nation who will yell, rant and punch rather than be told to wear a mask.

Now, the spread of the virus is getting out of control, Mike Pence and others in his circle have done a 180 and have become pro-masks. But where does that leave Trump? Increasingly, he will be under pressure to wear one, and will face more criticism for not wearing one. He is the president and could have saved tens of thousands of lives, simply by wearing a mask and insisting everyone else does.

But he would feel humiliated by wearing one. He is Trump after all. He would see it as admitting he was wrong, or as bending down to the demands of others. He is the king, and he thinks he is too good for that. He is above everyone else. He fears he will look weak. He fears he will be the one who will be mocked. And he fears his makeup will come off. It is all about his vanity. He is a vain little man who would feel small if he wears a mask.

I think that wearing a mask in public just isn't an option for him. It would be so humiliating that he would rather leave office than do so. But at some point, he might finally realize how stupid he looks without a mask. I hope Democrats and the media keep pressuring him to wear one. It is another reason for him to resign. Perhaps one of the most important ones.

Trending Twitter hashtags don't look good for Trump.



Trump 538 approval is currently upside down by 15.5 points. I predict 20 points by election day.

Currently, we are looking at 40.6% approval. 56.1% disapproval.

More and more bad news keeps piling on. This week ahead, we've got day after day of Coronavirus getting worse. More deaths, more hospital ICUs filled to capacity, more cases, more states reversing their shutdowns, more economic uncertainty, and more people realizing America's response has been uniquely bad, while Trump refuses to take any responsibility or even sound like he cares. More people will realize that he simply hasn't got the mental capacity to make any kind of useful contribution.

Then we have the story of Russia and the bounty on American troops. As usual, Trump's response will just make him look worse. This is something that will displease Republicans as well as Democrats. In any normal situation, this alone would be enough to bring down a president, given his explicit reverence to Putin.

I'd be surprised if Trump isn't upside down by another point by the end of the week. That's 16.5. With Trump basically having given up any form of leadership when it comes to Covid or BLM, and now a new scandal, other than being a divider, and Twitter-in-Chief, it's hard to see how he isn't going to continue the slide downward all the way to election day. He's been negative by 20 points before. I think he will be get there again, and if he is that unpopular, even with cheating, it would be hard to see him winning.

The Trump presidency is all but over.

The huge surge in Covid cases means Trump's presidency cannot survive.

He threatened states if they didn't open, but that hasn't worked, as all the experts predicted. His only response is to keep saying it isn't that bad. It's because we do too much testing.

He isn't providing any solution. He's proven to all that he is a joke president. We have the worst Coronavirus crisis on the planet, and he has given up even trying.

He is mentally incapable of showing empathy to those affected and he simply doesn't understand anything as far as moving forward goes. He's a simpleton who thinks he knows better than the scientists.

This could still just be the start of this pandemic, and even the best scenario is grim until we have a president that takes bold and decisive action at federal level to address this crisis.

Donald Trump is just Tweeting crap and finding diversions to appeal to his base. That is the very best he can do when the nation needs a president to step up to the plate.

He will only continue to lose support as this virus causes more pain, death and economic hardship. It is over for Donald Trump and he knows it.

538: Trump's disapproval hits 56.1% - the highest for 2.5 years.

Trump disapproval is 56.1%. You have to go all the way back to January 1, 2018 for the figures to be worse!

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