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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,696

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538: Trump's disapproval hits 56.1% - the highest for 2.5 years.

Trump disapproval is 56.1%. You have to go all the way back to January 1, 2018 for the figures to be worse!


Pro-Trump Harris Poll gives Biden a 12 point lead over Trump

Fifty-six percent of likely voters said they would vote for Biden if the election was held today, while 44 percent said they would back Trump, wider than the Democrat's 6-point lead in the same poll last month.

The poll is in line with recent national surveys showing Trump losing ground, including in battleground states that will determine the election, as voters sour on his responses to several crises hitting the country, including most recently the nationwide protests after the police killing of George Floyd.

Forty-three percent of voters said they approved for Trump, down 4 points from the last Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey and the lowest since early 2018. Meanwhile, 57 percent of voters said they disapproved of the president.

ďAfter 11 months of improving ratings, Trump in the last month set back to below 50 percent in his handling of the crisis after the Clorox press conference as he pulled back from the daily briefings,Ē said Mark Penn, polling director for the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, referring to the daily briefings Trump used to hold earlier this year and his remarks suggesting people inject disinfectant as a way to treat COVID-19.


California new cases: 5,528. Texas: 5,112. Europe with 600m population (excludes Russia): 5,323.


Puts the American leadership incompetence in perspective.

Anyone else have the feeling that Trump's presidency is about to implode?

Georgia becomes the latest state to have its highest number of new cases ever.

This was the chart as of yesterday, but there are 1800 new cases today.

Why I believe that Trump's rally tonight will be remembered as the moment he lost the election

Trump is going to be crucified for his Tulsa rally. First, packing 20,000 Trump supporters into an indoor stadium, not insisting on mask wearing or social distancing -- in the next few weeks, there will be a huge spike in cases in Oklahoma and beyond that will be directly blamed on Trump. It is spiking anyway, but this super-spreader event will put Trumpís mishandling of coronavirus back on top of the news. This can only be bad for Trump who wants to pretend the problem has gone away.

What is Trump going to talk about? He canít even boast about the economy anymore. He has nothing positive to say. All he can really do is downplay coronavirus and double down on all his grievances. It will be the most nasty, wild and undisciplined rant ever, even by Trumpís own low standards. It will be authoritarian and racially insensitive, when most of the nation is behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

He will look tone deaf. These are not issues that will just go away when we move onto another subject. The Coronavirus disaster and the movement for racial justice is here to stay until well beyond the election. Trump will only magnify that he is out of touch on both issues. I believe that tonight will be a PR disaster that will be remembered as the point in which Trump lost the election.

This puts yesterday's Oklahoma covid cases in perspective, as 20,000 prepare for Trump rally.

Do you think that people who go to Trump rallies (or other events) should pay extra for healthcare?

If they are going to stadiums, not social distancing, not wearing masks and doing a lot of screaming, they put us all at risk. They are a threat to us all and a drain to our healthcare system.

Should insurance companies and/or Medicare/Medicaid charge them extra for Covid-related healthcare services?

We should all do something on DU to celebrate when Trump's average approval falls below 40.

It's coming soon. Any ideas?

This was a screenshot I took of Trump's website on April 11, 2020.

I clicked on an ad and this is what I saw. Dated very quickly.

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