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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,707

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A dying president just committed suicide

Overwhelmingly, even in America, the people supported the Paris agreement. only 17% support pulling out, according to a recent Yougov/Huffpost poll.

Overwhelmingly the media is going to trash Trump over his decision.

Overwhelmingly business leaders are going to contradict his claim that pulling out is good for jobs and the economy.

Overwhelmingly, other world leaders are going to create more unfavorable headlines about Trump's decision.

Overwhelmingly, the tide has turned and the American people are now concerned about climate change. Trump has zero intellectual credibility in the minds of most voters to be making a decision with worldwide implications.

This, combined with a push for other very unpopular policies, such as Trumpcare, massive tax cut for the rich, while gutting safety net programs, and the travel ban, plus RussiaGate, mean Trump just keeps cutting his own throat.

Prediction - he will be polling in the mid-thirties by next week.

Proof that the Donald Trump is Saudi Arabia is FAKE!




It was an important part of Trump's election campaign, but the Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia did not use that expression.



The President visiting Saudi Arabia must be a different Donald Trump, because his daughter's foundation was given a gift of $100 million from Saudi royalty.





Strange that the Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia is already exhausted after the first day.



The Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia didn't seem to have a problem with his First Lady's failure to wear a headscarf.



The Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia had no problem personally bowing to Saudi royalty.





The Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia obviously doesn't believe these things. He just made a $110 billion arms deal with them.

While the cat's away, the mice do play.

While Trump is away for nine days, will some of the rats leave the sinking ship?

Will some White House aids resign before they are tarnished by hanging around until Trump's downfall?

Will insiders continue to leak damaging stories to the media?

Will there be a power play by those who have the most to gain by removing

Will Pence or those supportive of Pence work to undermine Trump?

Is there a Pence coup in the works?

Will a delegation of Republicans ask for Trump to resign when he returns?

Your opinion: What is the worst-case scenario for Trump on the day he returns to America?

Is it possible that he could be handcuffed and arrested as he steps off the plane?

Is it possible his children or in-laws are arrested?

Could he be handed a subpoena to release his tax returns?

What do you think would be the worst way (for Trump) of welcoming him back to America?

I would love Trump's oversea trip to be a success.

I would love Trump to be a success and not make a fool of himself. I would love it if he did not embarrass America. I would love to see him uniting nations. I would love world religions to see him as a leader. I would love him to come home as a hero who had the respect of the world. I would love him to inspire world leaders. I would also love to be able to levitate, shoot flames from my fingers and travel through time.

A good day to be an American or a citizen of the world!

May 16, 2017 - the day when we knew Trump was GOING DOWN!

I don't know about you, but if Trumpcare passes, it will be the worst day since election night.

This could not happen in any other developed nation - the governing party making healthcare less accessible, dressed up as doing good. How can we have a government that is acting against the interests of the people? Why is the MSM so passive about this?

I think that if this passes, then Trump and callous disregard for American lives has been normalized, and as horrific as it is, it is just the beginning. Next it will be to stick two fingers up at the whole planet and pull out of the Paris climate agreement, then it will be the wholesale transfer of capital from the poor and middle incomes to the richest. As a nation, can we ever recover from this?

Pope urges mediation between USA and North Korea to avert devastating nuclear war

Pope Francis said on Saturday a third country, such as Norway, should try to mediate the dispute between North Korea and Washington, to cool a situation that had become "too hot" and posed the risk of nuclear devastation.

Francis said he believed "a good part of humanity" would be destroyed in any widespread war.

Speaking to reporters aboard the plane taking him back from Cairo, Francis also said he was ready to meet U.S. President Donald Trump when he is in Europe next month but that he was not aware that Washington had made a request for a meeting.

In answer to a question about the tensions between the United States and North Korea, Francis said the United Nations should re-assert its leadership in world diplomacy because it had become "too watered down".


Can you give one reason to trust anything Trump administration says about Putin or chem weapons?

1/ I would be interested to hear why we should believe Trump over Putin, who says "show the evidence," over the use of gas by Assad in Syria? Should Trump present evidence? Should he do that before anymore loose talk and military attacks?

2/ Why should we believe that Trump isn't trying to gain authority through the use of military force? Remember Trump previously Tweeted that Obama would have to get congressional approval before attacking Syria, and only a week ago, Trump and Tillerson made it clear they would leave Syria alone. Is his change really for him about driving up his poll numbers?

3/ Do you believe that Trump really suddenly cares about the Syrian people, taking into account, he wants to ban refugees, "bomb the families of terrorists," civilian deaths due to airstrikes have skyrocketed thanks to Trump, and he only says he cares after half-a-million Syrians have died in this war.

4/ Trump has not sought either a UN mandate or a mandate from US lawmakers. Why not? Is it because he would have to present evidence? Do lawmakers and the US and Syrian people deserve to see evidence?

5/ Relations with Russia and the risk of war have been described by military figures as the worst since the Cuban missile crisis. Trump is saying Russia is enabling Assad to use chemical weapons, again without presenting one shred of evidence. Do you trust him without evidence? Is this really about trying to show he isn't Putin's puppet?

6/ Does Trump's record as a pathological liar and sociopath, cast serious doubt over everything he says about Syria and Putin? If so, should there be independent investigations into the gas attack and Russia's role in the use of gas, combined with UN involvement before anymore action?

7/ Do you think the media need to ask these questions if they are to do their job properly, as Trump leads us towards war, perhaps war with multiple nations?

Do you think that to keep a lid on Russian connections, there might be a few sudden deaths?

If the Russia story is as big as many of us think, will there be some "accidents" and "sudden deaths," to cover up what is going on, as we have seen happening in Russia?
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