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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
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Trump's 10-point personal guide to negotiating world peace (every point is a YUGE mistake)

Trump’s 10-point personal guide to negotiating world peace (every point is a YUGE mistake)

1/ First of all, threaten “fire and fury like the world has never known” and create a crisis that means others have to step in to prevent nuclear war. I think I’m very good at that.

2/ Make it all about me! I am the only one who can do this. I’m the most important man on the planet. I will ignore the wishes of neighboring nations that would be most affected. They don’t have to be part of this. I need to get all the credit here.

3/ Boast that I should get a Nobel Prize. My base will love that! However, it means I look even more like a loser if I end up not achieving anything. That means the other side will know I will make concessions.

4/ Rip up the Iran deal because it isn’t good enough. That means any deal I make in NK has to be even better. It also shows that you can’t trust America when it comes to nuclear deals.

5/ Get my top adviser to go on TV and say Chairman Kim can end up dead and be dragged through the streets like Gadaffi. That will make me look real tough! However, I don’t know why, but suddenly there’s no meeting!

6/ Beg that we still meet, because I am going to look stupid otherwise. Shame I now look desperate, but that is all part of my art of the deal. That is where I excel when it comes to negotiation - looking desperate!

7/ Tell everyone I am the greatest deal maker in the world. However, people are starting to believe my own crap. I need to control expectations by saying this is only a “get to know you” meeting.

8/ Have a one-to-one meeting with interpreters only because then I can say the Chairman agreed to all my demands even if he didn’t. I have a record of misquoting people and I am great at it! By the way, I don't need to prepare. Like trade, it's really, really easy.

9/ Show my strength by bullying America’s best friends and insulting them. Divide America from its allies - that will make the Chairman think I am really tough.

10/ Hurl insults via Twitter at those who say I will fail. Do this hours before the meeting, then if I do fail I will really look like the loser. I have made this all about winning and losing, and now I cannot let the world think I lost, I will have to make some serious behind-closed-doors, secretive deal making to make sure the Chairman makes me look good.

If you ever need to negotiate world peace, follow my example. My business record and my TV ratings alone show I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

What would you like to say if you met Trump?

Suppose you met Trump and had the opportunity to say something to him. What would you like to say?

What is the point of Jake Tapper?

He just sits there while Kudlow calls Trudeau a back stabber and a betrayer. Our relationships with our allies are at the lowest point in most of our lifetimes because of Trump, and Tapper just sits there while a Trump spokesman spews out propaganda. Passive media figures like Tapper are the reason we got Trump in the first place. What is the point of Jake Tapper?

Fareed Zakaria gives Steve Bannon a 60 minute platform - largely unchallenged.

CNN does it again, gives a racist 60 minutes to explain why Trump and Bannon policies are so good for everyone in America, including minoriies. Zakaria - the so-called "intellectual" who said "this is the day Trump became President" when Trump ordered the dropping of the mother of all bombs.

Why don't Democratic lawmakers hold a press briefing/conference each week to hold Trump to account?

It seems Democrats are having trouble getting the message out about how bad Trump is.

I suggest -

Gather together Democratic lawmakers.
Hold a weekly or twice-weekly press event.
Provide a summary of Trump's lies and the damage he has done since the last briefing.
Bring on large groups who are affected by Trump's actions, example people who have lost healthcare or dreamers and their families.
Trash his Tweets.
Throw down challenges to Trump - questions about his lies that he will be unable to answer.
Maintain continuous themes with examples - for example - Trump is corrupt. He's a liar. He is damaging America. He is callous.
Lay out the Democratic alternative.
Make the events controversial, big productions to attract maximum media exposure.
Try to get the media to talk about things that need to be talked about - too much is overlooked, and most people are unaware of how bad Trump is.

Why isn't something like this happening? Trump's approval has increased. That means he is fooling more people without an effective opposition. We shouldn't let that happen.

CNN: Qatari investor confirms he attended Trump Tower meetings in 2016

A Qatari investor referenced in a series of tweets from Michael Avenatti this week confirmed to CNN through a spokesperson on Tuesday that he did attend meetings at Trump Tower in December 2016.

The stated reason: Ahmed Al-Rumaihi wanted face time with Trump transition officials.
"Mr. Al-Rumaihi was at Trump Tower on December 12, 2016. He was there in his then role as head of Qatar Investments, an internal division of QIA, to accompany the Qatari delegation that was meeting with Trump transition officials on that date," said a spokesperson for Sport Trinity, a company that Al-Rumaihi co-owns. "He did not participate in any meetings with Michael Flynn, and his involvement in the meetings on that date was limited."


Avenatti versus Trump (of same age) in the wrestling ring. Who would win?

Imagine Avenatti and Trump (when he was also aged 47) in the wrestling ring together. Who would win?

Has Trump turned America into a rogue state? If so, what should other nations do about it?

Free Dictionary definition: rogue state - a state that does not respect other states in its international actions.

A few examples of the disrespect that America has recently shown other nations:

Threatening other nations with sanctions if it doesn't do what America wants - most recently against Germany, France and UK regarding Iran.

Threatening "fire and fury like the world has never seen" against North Korea.

Pulling out of the Paris Agreement without providing any detailed explanation.

Childish Twitter attacks against other international leaders, for example the Mayor of London (who is Muslim).

Wanting to ban all Muslims from entering USA.

Lecturing other nations about NATO contributions/defense spending.

Calling other nations "shitholes."

Threatening other nations who don't support USA Football World Cup bid for 2026.

Stating a trade war with other nations.

Calling Mexicans "rapists and murderers."

Do you think America is now a "rogue state?" And if so, what, if anything, should other nations do about it?"

Orrin Hatch says it is ridiculous that John McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral.

Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) reported request to have Donald Trump stay away from his funeral is not sitting well with fellow Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

“I think it’s ridiculous,” the 83-year-old Hatch told Politico on Monday. McCain reportedly wants Vice President Mike Pence to represent the White House instead.

Hatch thinks Trump is getting a bad rap.

“Well, he’s the president of the United States and he’s a very good man,” the senator said of Trump.


Bad News: Trump's support is rising

49% approval among registered voters in new Reuters/Ipsos poll

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