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Gender: Male
Hometown: Kentucky
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Jul 21, 2016, 10:58 PM
Number of posts: 320

Journal Archives

He's never going away is he?

Trump is never, ever going away is he?

He's always going to be in the news, holding hate rallies, threatening people on social media and making millions off lying to his supporters

And let's be honest. He's never, ever going to be indicted or spend a minute in jail. Look at how crazy his cult reacted to a simple FBI search of his home. Think any prosecutor is going to dare put Trump on trial if it's going to unleash his mob of other well armed domestic terrorists who want to burn the country down?

And he's never going to stop running for President or concede when he loses (again). And if the apocalypse happens and he somehow manages to win in 2024 he's never, ever leaving the White House again voluntarily.

At this point the only thing that can stop Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Maybe he'll suddenly have a spiritual awakening and realize there's more to life than practicing the seven deadly sins every day. But at his age I doubt he's capable of changing who he is. Unfortunately he's definitely changed America for the worse and isn't done yet.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Wed Aug 17, 2022, 09:34 PM (39 replies)

There's always a bigger Republican a**hole

The only certainty in this right wing dystopia we call America is that the Republican party has an unlimited supply of cruel, power hungry and greedy individuals ready and willing to run for office. And if you vote one horrible GOP politician out of office another one will quickly take their place.

We voted Trump out of office. So the worst was behind us, right? Not so fast. In steps Governor Ron DeSantis, who hopes to bully his way into the oval office by being an even bigger demagogue than Trump.

Here in my home state of Kentucky we were able to vote Governor Matt Bevin from office. He was one of the worst Governors in Kentucky history. A cruel, arrogant, ultra wealthy theocrat who like his idol Trump, is actually threatening to run again next year. And even if he doesn't, Kentucky has plenty of a**holes to fill in for him.

Our Attorney General Daniel Cameron just announced he's running to replace our current Democratic Governor Andy Beshear next year. Cameron's claim to fame is being a Mitch McConnell protege, speaking at Trump's RNC, signing on to the Texas AG's lawsuit to overturn the election and failing to properly prosecute the Breonna Taylor case. The guy is inexperienced, cruel, litigious and basically does whatever Mitch tells him to do. He's done nothing in 3 years as Attorney General except sue our Governor over Covid restrictions and try to permanently ban abortion access.

Our current Governor, Andy Beshear has been amazing. Since 2019 he's helped our state overcome the Covid pandemic and our economy is the strongest it's ever been. So of course Republican voters in my red state can't wait to vote him out simply because he has a "D" next his name.

People like Trump, Bevin, DeSantis and Cameron ARE the Republican Party. They're all about the pursuit power and money. This is why every election is the most important in our lifetime. It's going to take a relentless effort every November to keep these soulless Republicans from winning office. It's the biggest challenge of our generation. The question is do we want to live in a Democracy or a Theocracy/Kleptocracy?

Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Tue Jul 19, 2022, 01:30 AM (11 replies)

Man I miss Eric Boehlert

Eric Boehlert was a master at analyzing the mainstream media. Miss his weekly analysis. There's other journalists who critique the media but Eric was unique. He'd be going nuts right now commenting on the way the press is attacking Biden and how much they miss Trump.

His last column for his Press Run site before he died was one of his best. Basically not much has changed since April. The press continues to root against Biden.


Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Mon Jul 11, 2022, 07:00 PM (15 replies)

Do Manchema care if we lose Congress?

Wondering how my fellow Democrats think Senators Manchin and Sinema will react if we lose control of the House, Senate or god forbid, both in November?

Will they be upset, relieved or indifferent?

I doubt seriously they'll happy since if McConnell takes over as majority leader they'll lose their status and influence. Especially with Manchin who will receive a lot less of the media attention he craves.

Personally I think they'll be relieved. Not to have to deal with pesky progressives hounding them to pass Biden's legislative agenda. They'll have a lighter workload and can devote more time to their rich lobbyists and "Republican friends from across the aisle "

I really, really hope we don't have to find out. But the one thing we know for sure: Manchin and Sinema will be fine ($$$) either way.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Mon Jun 27, 2022, 08:30 PM (8 replies)

Unless we can time travel back to 2016

Unless we can time travel back to 2016 we are screwed.

That election changed everything. Now we're stuck with a right wing extremist Supreme Court for decades.

I don't think all the people bashing Biden and the Democrats for not doing anything right now understand just how powerful this 6-3 conservative court is.

Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito are in their 70's. But we know how long evil white men driven by hate (McConnell, Murdoch) can live.

Every idea I've heard from the Biden bashers would just be quickly reversed or overturned by a Republican congress or this Supreme Court.

Sadly I think a lot of anti-Hillary Americans who voted for Jill Stein, Trump or stayed home in 2016 are suddenly realizing just how important control of the federal courts is. And they're taking out their anger on the Democratic Party which Republicans poised to take back Congress are thrilled by.

2016 was the most important election of our lifetime. People pissed about Roe being overturned may or may not understand that.
However for us Democrats who have turned out and voted every November for decades being blamed for not preventing this Christofascist takeover is frankly insulting.

Democrats and progressives paying attention since birtherism knew all too well.. We're not perfect but they're nuts.

Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Sun Jun 26, 2022, 03:32 PM (15 replies)

Biden's bad luck with Inflation

High gas prices and inflation are killing Biden and Democrats in the polls. Republicans are loving it and are convinced it will win them back Congress in November. The media can't wait for divided government to return to DC so they can obsess about Trump and the Presidential election 24/7. Covering legislative battles isn't good for ratings.

The thing is, even if Biden had done absolutely nothing since becoming President the price of gas and groceries would still be high.

The American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Bill were passed and have helped millions of Americans. And Biden and the Democrats reward is the strong possibility we're going to get blown out in the midterms.

Honestly Biden is a victim of bad luck. His administration did nothing to cause prices to go up and there's nothing he can do to lower them.

Unfortunately 60% of Americans don't get that.
Democrats help people when they're in power and get punished. Republicans do nothing and get rewarded. I'll never understand it.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Thu Jun 2, 2022, 12:54 PM (1 replies)

One difference between Trump and Hitler

One big difference between Trump and Hitler is that after Hitler staged a coup he was charged, convicted and sentenced to prison. Also he was banned from giving public speeches for a year.

Trump has received ZERO consequences for his insurrection attempt other than a Twitter ban that one of his fellow oligarchs is about to lift.

Big surprise Trump is making a Hitler style political comeback. Our Congress, justice system and media was and is too scared to hold him accountable. And for many Americans memories of January 6th have faded. Replaced by some selective memory magical thinking that the economy was doing better under Trump and the Republicans.

Just proves the current generation has learned nothing from history. Maybe Trump's next coup attempt in 2 years will get their attention. I'm not holding my breath.

Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Tue May 10, 2022, 09:53 PM (8 replies)

Question about the Texas 6 week ban

One thing I still can't figure out about the pending SCOTUS abortion ruling.

Say the court votes to make Dobbs vs Jackson 15 week ban the law of the land. As a replacement for Roe v Wade.

Would that new law make the Texas 6 week ban null and void? Or can a bunch of red states just simply pass their own version of the Texas bounty hunter law.

In which case Roe vs Wade will essentially be overturned and abortions would not be offered after 6 weeks.

Either way I feel like we're going to be living in a post-Roe country no matter what the Roberts court decides. At least in 2 dozen red states. Scary times.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Thu May 5, 2022, 01:46 PM (6 replies)

They're going to say Hunter Biden forever aren't they?

Just like with Hillary's emails and Benghazi, the Repugs are never going to stop mentioning Hunter Biden's laptop and supposed corruption. This is their new Whitewater or Obama's birth certificate.

And they'll be countless investigations if the GQP takes back the House.

And the mainstream media will cover the story to appease Fox News. And the public will continue to think their has to be something to the story since it keeps showing up in the news.

We've all seen this movie before. I really hope we can somehow keep Congress this November or we're in for a long 2 years of Huntergate.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Thu Apr 28, 2022, 02:39 PM (31 replies)

Will you delete your Twitter account?

If Elon Musk takes over Twitter will you delete your account? Or is it better to stay active so we know what Musk and his fellow oligarchs are up to?

I'm leaning towards deleting my account especially if he reinstates Trump.
Posted by liberalmediaaddict | Mon Apr 25, 2022, 03:07 PM (77 replies)
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