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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:17 PM
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Advancing Taliban go door-to-door and forcibly take girls as young as TWELVE to be sex slave 'wives'


Taliban has swept across Afghanistan, seizing vast swathes of territory along with nine provincial capitals

Terrified locals say jihadist fighters have been beheading people and forcing women to marry their fighters

Girls as young as 12 have been put on 'marriage lists' that village elders have been forced to compile

Taliban are now threatening the city of Maza-i-Sharif, the largest in Afghanistan's north, as President Ghani flew there on Wednesday to rally the troops and sacked his top general in hopes of reversing Islamist advance


The "reformed" Taliban

Sick bastards

No need to respond if you dont want to

Afghan women trained for combat in secret by U.S. Army


Years ago, a small group of women in the Afghan National Army secretly received combat training from women in the U.S. Army. Even today, few people know about it.

"Well, a lot of it's classified," said Maj. Christie Lamond.

Maj. Lamond was part of “Cultural Support Teams,” a benign name for elite women who served in combat operations alongside Green Berets and Army Rangers. They also taught Afghan women in secret programs everything from basic rifle marksmanship to close-quarter combat.


Women in the Afghan Armed Forces risked getting beaten, burned, raped, or killed. Still, they would fill out an application, get interviewed, and be selected based on their skills.

"They were sisters, nieces, wives, moms that volunteered to serve their country. And they wanted to be soldiers. They wanted to be, they wanted to do something greater than themselves. They were excited," said Lamond.

at this point, anything

Taliban back brutal rule as they strike for power

The "ghanimat" or spoils of war they're showing off include a Humvee, two pick-up vans and a host of powerful machine guns. Ainuddin, a stony-faced former madrassa (religious school) student who's now a local military commander, stands at the centre of a heavily-armed crowd.

The insurgents have been capturing new territory on what seems like a daily basis as international troops have all but withdrawn. Caught in the middle is a terrified population.

Tens of thousands of ordinary Afghans have had to flee their homes - hundreds have been killed or injured in recent weeks.


The day after we leave, reports emerge of a young woman being murdered because of her clothing. Haji Hekmat, though, rejects allegations Taliban members were responsible.

Please dont respond....read and ignore

And another one Bites The Dust....Cliff Meteer of Knoxville,TN

A Knoxville man who carried a "Stop the Steal" sign and later declared "I was there" during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was arrested Tuesday by federal authorities at a North Knox County home.

Records identify the man as Clifford James Meteer, 66. The FBI and other personnel went to a home on Foust Hollow Road to take him into custody.

Photo of Trump supporters outside Capitol Jan. 6. Meteer can be seen on the right, FBI says.
Like hundreds of other men and women there to support President Donald Trump that afternoon, Meteer will face prosecution in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

He's charged in a federal complaint with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building, among other charges.

Arkansas reports new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations

Arkansas on Monday set a new record for the number of people in the state hospitalized because of COVID-19 as its coronavirus surge continued.

The state reported its COVID-19 hospitalizations rose by 103, its biggest one-day increase, to 1,376. The state's previous record during the pandemic for COVID-19 hospitalizations was in January when it reported 1,371 virus patients in the hospital. The Department of Health reported that there are only eight intensive care unit beds available in the state. There are 509 COVID-19 patients in ICUs around the state and 286 on ventilators.

“Today’s report shows some very startling numbers," Gov. Asa Hutchinson tweeted.

Arkansas ranks third in the country for new virus cases per capita, according to numbers compiled by Johns Hopkins University researchers. The state's cases have been skyrocketing in recent weeks, fueled by the delta variant of the virus and the state's low vaccination rate.

Only about 37% of the state's population is fully vaccinated against the virus.


This is for the great gov'nor of ARKANSAS

Q: re Afghanistan....Simple question


Can you honestly look away and ignore the murder of kids, the endless atrocities and the unspeakable horror of young girls by the Taliban?

iIf you can you are better than me.I cant

The World Told Afghan Women It Had Their Backs -- It Doesn't (opinion piece)


Do senior officials from the U.S., China and Russia really plan to keep talking to the Taliban as if its fighters are not murdering civilians — including female activists — across Afghanistan, attacking schoolgirls and telling women they cannot leave the house without a man to accompany them?

Plenty of governments seem happy to break bread with Taliban negotiators since the U.S. under Donald Trump’s administration made a deal with them and President Joe Biden decided to honor it. In December 2001, the U.S. under George W. Bush pledged funds to support the women and children of Afghanistan. His wife Laura said, “The fight against terrorism is also the fight for the rights and dignity of women.” Any such promises are now hollow, exposed as disposable symbolism.

Representatives of the hardline Islamist group met with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi last month and have recently been in Moscow, Tehran and Doha. And while they continue to travel freely (removed, temporarily, from a United Nations blacklist while peace talks are under way) their fighters have made rapid advances across the country, leaving a frightening toll of death and mayhem as U.S. and NATO troops prepare for a full withdrawal by Aug. 31. The Afghan government and civil society called for action over the Taliban’s attacks on civilians, asking those nations involved in talks with the militants to insist on an immediate ceasefire and a genuine resumption of the peace process. The UN Security Council did convene a special meeting on the crisis on July 6 and 7. But nothing emerged to solve the problem.

In the areas collapsing under the Taliban, women make up the most vulnerable group. Civilian deaths are up by nearly 50% and more women and children were killed and wounded in Afghanistan in the first half of 2021 than in the first six months of any year since records began in 2009, the UN said last month.


like it or not, we have some responsibility.
And just wait for the humanitarian crisis about to begin.

Afghanistan war: At least 27 children killed in three days,


At least 27 children have been killed in Afghanistan in three days amid fierce fighting between the Taliban and government forces, the UN has said.

The UN children's agency Unicef said it was shocked by the "rapid escalation of grave violations against children".

The Taliban have been making major advances across the country as foreign troops withdraw, taking at least six regional capitals since Friday.

They have rejected international calls for a ceasefire.

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the conflict in the past month.

In a statement on Monday, Unicef said the atrocities being committed against children were growing "higher by the day".


27 and probably much higher.

As Afghan Cities Fall to Taliban, Brutal New Chapter Unfolds


The Taliban flag flying in the main square in Kunduz on Sunday


Aug. 8, 2021
KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban seized three Afghan cities on Sunday, including the commercial hub of Kunduz, officials said, escalating a sweeping offensive that has claimed five provincial capitals in three days and shown how little control the government has over the country without American military power to protect it.

Never before in 20 years of war had the Taliban directly assaulted more than one provincial capital at a time. Now, three fell on Sunday alone — Kunduz, Sar-i-Pul and Taliqan, all in the north — and even more populous cities are under siege, in a devastating setback for the Afghan government.

The fall of these cities is taking place just weeks before U.S. forces are set to complete a total withdrawal from Afghanistan, laying bare a difficult predicament for President Biden.

Since the U.S. withdrawal began, the Taliban have captured more than half of Afghanistan’s 400-odd districts, according to some assessments. And their recent attacks on provincial capitals have violated the 2020 peace deal between the Taliban and the United States. Under that deal, which laid the path for the American withdrawal, the Taliban committed to not attacking provincial centers like Kunduz


The bloodbath is just getting started.

The world should act.

When Afghanistan falls, you think its over ?


We have serious national security interests. The Taliban will become terror state and a threat to the region causing instability as a terror state. And They will hook up with other terror states. The US will be forced to get involved militarily ....take it to the bank.

People will be murdered and are probably are being murdered at will... including and especially women.

The blood bath Ive read has already begun. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean its not happening.

Girls will be treated like garbage. And Forget education.

And the humanitarian crisis is just beginning. We'll be involved in that WITH THE MILITARY.

The ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS is to get other countries involved.

You don't like the US in there ?..... Ok...but you might like the US *NOT* being in there even LESS.

Flame away but IT WILL NOT BE OVER.

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