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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:17 PM
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Taliban Seize Kunduz, a Major Afghan City


The Taliban seized the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said. It is the first major city to be overtaken by the insurgents since they began their sweeping military offensive in May.

It was the third provincial capital to be overtaken by Taliban in three days, and the series of victories in cities marks a significant change in the insurgents’ offensive as international troops, led by the United States, began withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Kunduz, the capital of a province of the same name, is a significant military and political prize. With a population of 374,000, it is a vital commercial hub near the border with Tajikistan.

“All security forces fled to the airport, and the situation is critical,” said Sayed Jawad Hussaini, the deputy police chief of a district in Kunduz city. Clashes between government forces and Taliban fighters were continuing in a small town south of the city, where the local army headquarters and the airport are, security officials said.

Where's Europe?
Where are all the Democratic countries?
The US did its part.

These never-vaxxers want to "Own the Libs"

Great thinking there.

By owning the libs, they are seriously risking their lives and a lot are dying.

How f**king stupid are these people.

Texas official who spurned vaccines dies after Covid-19 hospitalization


A local Texas politician who appeared skeptical on social media of mask use and Covid-19 vaccines died this week from complications of the coronavirus, the mayor of his community said Friday.

Dickinson Councilman H. Scott Apley's death was first announced Wednesday on the Texas Republican Party's page, which did not detail the cause, but posts on social media about how he had been hospitalized with Covid have underscored a sharp political divide during the pandemic. "I was not really aware of his social media presence," said Sean Skipworth, the mayor of Dickinson, a Houston suburb of about 20,000 people. "I don't agree with the views that he espoused and the tones that he espoused them in."

"I think it's tragic because he leaves behind a wife and young son. My father died when I was very young," he said. "There has been a lot of vitriol, and I'm disappointed about that. He and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. But this is not a time for a victory lap."

Lambda COVID Variant 'a Potential Threat to Human Society,' Researchers Say


There is concern over the threat posed by the Lambda variant of COVID-19 which may be more resistant to vaccines than the original version of the virus.

Research by a team from the University of Tokyo, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, found that three mutations in Lambda's spike protein help it resist neutralization by vaccine-induced antibodies.

Meanwhile, two mutations in the Lambda variant—T76I and L452Q—make it more infectious than the COVID variant that swept through the world in 2020.

The conclusions of the study posted on BiorXiv on July 28 matched findings—also not yet peer-reviewed—by a team in Chile that found the variant might also evade vaccine antibodies, Infection Control reported.


Not trying to scare.But may be serious.

Hopefully, since he will plead GUILTY, he will BITE THE DUST....Scott Fairlamb of NJ


( Scott is in red circle)


N.J. gym owner charged with storming Capitol, punching cop set to plead guilty

The New Jersey gym owner, who can be seen on video punching a law enforcement officer during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, will plead guilty for his role in the attempted insurrection, according to online court documents.

Scott Fairlamb, of Stockholm in Hardyston Township, Sussex County, will enter a guilty plea in federal court Friday, becoming the first person from New Jersey to admit their part in the violent attack at the Capitol. His attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment, though he told the Huffington Post that Fairlamb was set to plead guilty to to one count of obstruction and one count of assault.

Fairlamb had been indicted on 12 charges earlier this year, including assaulting a federal officer, entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds with a deadly weapon, and acts of physical violence on the Capitol grounds, among other charges.

“He wishes to assume responsibility for the things that he did,” Harley Breite, Fairlamb’s attorney, told the Huffington Post. “He wants to make amends for them and move on with his life.”

And Another one bites the dust.....Pamela Hemphill of Boise



A fifth Idaho resident is facing charges in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Pamela Hemphill, a Boise resident, made her initial appearance in an Idaho federal court Tuesday afternoon, according to court records. She was assigned a public defender, and a judge granted her pretrial release during the hearing.

Hemphill’s federal charges were made public Tuesday, showing she faces four misdemeanor counts: violent entry or disorderly conduct; entering a restricted building or grounds; disorderly conduct in a restricted building; and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.

The Capitol riot took place two weeks before Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day — on the day that Congress was certifying Biden’s victory — and was led by supporters of then-President Donald Trump, who spoke to the crowd that day and continues to repeat false claims of election fraud. The riot left several people dead, including a Capitol Police officer, and more officers there that day have committed suicide.


Will this one get time?

Another one Bites his OWN dust.... Isaac Yoder, from Nevada, Missouri


A Missouri locksmith who stormed the Capitol dressed as George Washington has been charged for his role in the siege. Isaac Yoder, the owner of the Nevada, Missouri company Yoder Lock and Key, was charged with a slew of misdemeanor crimes in connection with Jan. 6, including disorderly conduct in a Capitol building. According to a criminal complaint that was unsealed on Wednesday, prosecutors said Yoder admitted to storming the Capitol—and even provided FBI agents with his cell phone and the colonial outfit he wore that day during a March interview. He also told investigators that he went inside the building after attending a Trump rally with his family and “that his brothers had been exposed to tear gas, and one was hit by rubber bullets.” The interview was just days before Yoder was featured in a Newsweek article, where he described how he walked into the Capitol through an open door “and that wearing the George Washington costume was a nod to America’s founding,” the complaint states. On Yoder’s company website, the father-of-two is also photographed wearing colonial clothing.


A true patriot...admitting his own guilt.

Is it wrong to hate ? .....Is it wrong to wish bad things on your psycho political opponents ?

Lord knows the repubs hate the dems.

I find myself hating Dump, Gaetz, Gym Jordan and a host of others and I try not to to.

Am i too wraped up in politics?

Am I becoming my enemy/opponents?

Why do Dems throw their own under the bus, like Cuomo and Franken..

but pukes never throw their cretins out…like Gaetz and others I can’t remember.

If anyone remember the pukes they kept in , feel free to post their names.

Olympic Spoiler

Mykala Skinner wins SIlver in the vault !!!

She’s my hero. Overcame endless set backs Good for her.

I hope she goes on to great things.
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