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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:17 PM
Number of posts: 2,736

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What is Cuomo being investigated for ?

What law did he allegedly break?

For being a flirt?
For trying to pick up women?
For being ďhornyĒ ?

Sadly heís probably done. As usual dems will eat their own while pukes donít.

He can join the ranks of Spitzer, Franken and Weiner.

I guess in this world their are no second chances .
No redemption

Heres an idea....canít we find a a way to show disgust without forcing him out?

What law did he break?

Truthfully, who's watching the lying former guy ?

I admit I am.

Heís lying thru his teeth...big surprise

Now heís blaming Biden for his mistakes.

The NEW Republican Party

Does anyone know what airport he left ?

And what airport he coming into?

It seems to me that an airport need a lot of electricity and water.

Anyone have a LEGIBLE copy of letter from Adam Kizinger family ?

I read parts and itís pretty wild.

Will the Q and A be today or tomorrow ?


Question: What makes some/many join a cult or movement ?

How do you brainwash seemingly normal people to do crazy shit?

We have Qanon where normal people lose all sense and listen to an idiot.
Hitler was able to convince a country
Jamestown convinced an entire group to drink the koolaid.

Are they lonely? easily fooled?

Do they have a violent nature?

It wouldnt happen but if Biden became a fascist , would anyone here follow him here ? I doubt it.

Just wondering


Why WOULDNT Trump FIRE his attorneys now??

He can play for time
Delay the trial and Cause problems
Also cause trouble for Biden

Yes, its over... Trump will get a walk

But why are the pukes spineless and have no morals?

The pukes do not want to be primaried
The probably have death threats
They are afraid of being censured
They dont want to be singled out

They have no courage
They are spineless

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