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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,038

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Overrides Wallace yet again. After Wallace said no!

He lied about Buffett using loopholes.

Wallace let drumph babble on many times.

Anyone keep a tally?

How low is the bar set for drumph?

If he remains conscious for 50% of the debate he will be hailed as a great performer.

Well, at least to the brain addled.

I expect him to be extremely gross and unpleasant, vulgar and nasty.

He got away with poor behaviour twice already. He thinks that is debating.

Let's see if he can string a whole sentence together tonight. On one subject.

Will Wallace preface any question re Benghazi with facts about those killed under Bush etc

200 others.

Who blamed Bush for those deaths?

I doubt he will so H needs to have that answer ready. Shut them down.

She does not need to apologise or address that idiot "guest".

Does Hillary need a taser for the debate?

Or a security team close by?

Debate action: Drumph snatches defeat from the jaws of defeat and jumps into the jaws

Melania, if drumph could be so easily "egged on" why the fuck not egg him on to be stable?

Did you really mean that a less mature person convinced him to join in a tawdry discussion?

So he's less sensible that Billy Bush?

He succumbs to peer group pressure then?

What a potential leader.

I'm going to egg him off the stage on Nov 8

More msnbc coverage of a non story

Not sure who the woman doing the session is but she is determined to drag over a non story re "quid pro quo" that is already debunked.

It an obvious attempt to rile Dems with miniscule matters blown out of all proportion.


drumph's personal motto

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